From International Professor to Apprentice Software Engineer for Linkedin

Before Thinkful:

After teaching for 3.5 years in South Korea, Harley decided to move back to Los Angeles where he attended a meetup held by Thinkful that focused on how he could restart his career in the tech industry.

"I had already studied AI and Machine Learning for a few years but found that most companies were reluctant to hire entry-level people. However, there seemed to be a very high demand for full stack developers."

After looking into different options, Harley chose Thinkful because of the community presence in Los Angeles, an income shared agreement opportunity, and the flexibility the online course offered.

While Studying:

During the Engineering Immersion program, his favorite project was creating a generic auto shop finder, which was a full-stack React app that he built on his own.

"I enjoyed going through and building all aspects of the app, including React/Redux on the front end, Node/Express on the back end, a PostgreSQL database, and even CSS styling."

His favorite part of the curriculum was learning Node.js and React.js because they both entail algorithm development and object-oriented programming techniques.

How His Life Changed:

Upon graduating, Harley accepted a role with Linkedin as an Apprentice Software Engineer.

"This will be the first job I've taken that I would even do in a money-free world."

Harley wants to continue developing his skills to build valuable software solutions, become an expert in his field, and ultimately contribute valuable knowledge and tools for others.

"For the first time, lack of funds will not be a problem due to a sufficient salary. I can focus on things that really matter, like becoming the best coder and computer scientist that I could possibly be."

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