From Business Loan Sales to Analytics and Data Science.

Before Thinkful:

It all started with a book. Before enrolling in Thinkful's Data Science program, Jason Powell was selling business loans for a financial services company. One day, he came across a book about the power of data. He instantly fell in love (with data) and decided to make a career shift into data analytics.

To prepare for the transition, Jason went back to school and obtained a masters degree in business intelligence and information systems. However, the program fell short on providing him the technical skills needed in today's market.

Jason began to learn Python by using textbooks and free resources he could find online. However, he soon realized that he needed more guidance to get him where he wanted to be.

"I researched a few bootcamps and saw that Thinkful was the only one that focused on one-on-one learning, which is how I learn best. I was nervous applying to the program but recognized that the way Thinkful's program is structured would give me the best opportunity to succeed."

While Studying:

Working on projects and meeting with his mentor were two aspects of the curriculum that Jason enjoyed the most.

"The projects really help you 'learn by doing.' More importantly, the projects are all real-world projects where you can easily transfer the knowledge to other things. And the mentorship is simply incredible."

His favorite project involved predicting customer churn in the telecom industry. Unlike others studying the topic, he focused on value added services and their impact on customers. He discovered that this approach was a much better way to predicting customer behavior.

How His Life Changed:

Jason says that that graduating from Thinkful was empowering and completely changed his career path. He went from having a future in business and sales to a future in analytics and data science.

"The program is very challenging, but if you're determined and don't mind a bit of hard work, Thinkful's Data Science program and mentors will put you on the path to achieving your goals no matter what your background is."

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