From a high school math and science teacher to a Data Scientist.

Before Thinkful:

Before Katie completed Thinkful's Data Science program, she taught high school math and science.

While teaching, I was handed my first data analytics/data science project, and I was hooked!

When Katie decided she wanted to change careers, she researched different data science programs and selected Thinkful because of the school's flexibility, one-on-one mentoring, job guarantee, and transparency in data reporting.

While Studying:

Katie's favorite project was her final capstone. She used oil and gas well production data, along with hydraulic fracturing fluid system information to predict which fluid system would create optimal production in individual wells.

Before beginning her analysis, she collaborated with well operators to talk through her ideas about potential important factors to consider. She received feedback from the well operators throughout the project and presented her findings to them at the end.

Using real-world data is no joke, which created some challenges but made the product more worthwhile at the end.

How Her Life Changed:

Katie is excited about the career prospects in data science. Along with a more rewarding career, she feels that she has more freedom to enjoy all aspects of her life and can better provide for her family.

I am now in a career that excites me and stimulates me mentally.

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