From Movie Theater Manager to Data Scientist.

Before Thinkful:

Maren realized she wasn’t satisfied with her career as a General Manager for a movie theater. After applying to a variety of jobs and taking a few online courses in different subjects, she decided to explore the web and software development field.

She found a local non-profit that offered in-person training in web development two nights a week. Once the class was done, Maren stayed with the non-profit to help with their next cohort as a project manager and scrum master. While she enjoyed certain parts of her job like learning new skills, she ultimately realized a career as a web developer wasn’t right for her.

She began to research related fields and discovered that data science offered everything she liked about her current job but more.,It wasn’t long after this realization that Maren decided to enroll in Thinkful’s Data Science program to make her career change official.

“While I like the idea of a degree and in-person learning, I didn’t want to spend two years before moving on. I ultimately chose Thinkful because of the mentorship model. I wanted the one-on-one engagement and reinforcement. The Thinkful community in San Diego and finding great meetup groups provided a lot of the actual human contact I was looking for.”

While Studying:

During the program, Maren enjoyed using her newly-developed skills to create a product for her prep capstone project. However, her favorite part of the curriculum was tackling supervised learning with her mentor.

“It was so new and different, but fascinating. It was also my favorite experience with my mentor. He was able to help me understand the material in a very useful way.”

How Her Life Changed:

After completing the program, Maren is most excited about the potential growth opportunities her new field presents.

“My old career had very little opportunity for growth and it wasn’t portable. Working in technology, especially in a technical role, provides for greater professional development, improved earning potential, and the possibility of relocating internationally.”

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