From Operations to Web Development.

Before Thinkful:

As an Operations Manager for a hospital services company, Michael didn’t find his job fulfilling. He knew he had more to offer and wanted a career path that would help him grow both professionally and financially.

“I had always been the tech guy for my friends and family, so a friend suggested I try learning code. I took a free Python course, loved it, and decided to get serious.”

A month later, Michael enrolled in Thinkful’s Full Stack Flex program to become a web developer.

While Studying:

During the program, Michael’s favorite parts of the curriculum were learning React/Redux and developing his Node capstone project. For each, he gained the confidence to look up and utilize new packages as he advanced through the course.

“When I first did the capstone, I was still trying to grasp Node and Promises. Going back to it and having fluency in what I was doing, made it so much more fun!”

How His Life Changed:

“At first, the course was really tough. I struggled a lot in the beginning and wasn’t grasping the concepts. My mentor helped me through it and one day it all clicked. It was the best feeling. After that, I was hooked. Coding became more than just something that would help my career, it became a passion. I spent as much time as possible learning all that I could about web development and truly felt that I had found what I was destined to do.”

Once everything “clicked,” Michael felt that he had opened a door to an entirely new (tech) world that he could understand, navigate, and succeed in.

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