From a Laboratory Manager to a Software Engineer.

Before Thinkful:

Prior to Thinkful, Terrance was working as a Laboratory Manager and Lead Phlebotomist.

“I saw where my current career path was headed and it wasn’t what I wanted. As I moved up the company ladder, I no longer got to teach and quickly realized that was the only part of the job I was passionate about.”

Terrance had started to code occasionally on the side which helped him understand the career opportunities within programming. When he was ready to make the career switch, he spent a few months researching different program options. He ultimately decided to enroll in Thinkful’s Engineering Immersion program because of its job guarantee, relevant course curriculum, and one-on-one mentors. It also had multiple stellar reviews online.

While Studying:

Terrance’s favorite part of the curriculum was working with other students. Whether it was helping each other problem solve or cheering for each other when they received job offers, he enjoyed building camaraderie with them.

“During my final capstone, I enjoyed working with other students and spending multiple hours in a chatroom working together. We picked each other up when we were down, got each other through when we were stuck, and brought our ideas to life. We all had different strengths and the end product showed that.”

How His Life Changed:

“It’s everything. This job I just accepted is paying me $30,000 more than what I was making at my previous job. They also have a 401k and have 100% coverage of medical, dental, and vision. I didn’t have any of that at my last job.”

Terrance now has his foot firmly in the door of the tech industry. He views this as the start of a new life devoid of the financial stresses of his past.

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