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We teach students the skills that lead to fulfilling, high-paying careers. You'll learn through 100% online, project-based curriculums, using all the current industry tools as you work your way toward a capstone project and interview-ready portfolio.

You’ll be paired with a personal mentor who’s experienced in their field of study, and partners with you one-on-one throughout the program. Dedicated career coaches and academic success managers support you along the way, setting you up to land a job after graduation.

Most importantly, we want you to put your future career success before your tuition costs. That’s why you’ll only pay us back when you’ve got a job.

Are you looking for an opportunity to transition into a rewarding career or level up in your field? Explore our programs below, and when you’re ready –– let’s talk about securing your future.

Understanding our formats: full-time vs. part-time

We believe you should be able to balance your education with the rest of your life. That’s why we’ve created two ways for our students to change careers.

Full-time programs are the fastest path to a new career. As a full-time student, you’ll learn from a live instructor and partner with classmates on projects. This is the perfect format for anyone who can devote up to 50 hours per week and can stick to the Monday-Friday schedule.

Part-time programs are flexible and designed to work around your other commitments. Watch instructor recordings and complete assignments whenever you’re able to, as long as you can find up to 30 hours per week for coursework. If you need to keep working while you learn, part-time is the way to go.

Here’s a more in-depth look at our different formats to help you decide which option works best for your lifestyle and career goals.

Program offerings

We choose course topics that lead to the most promising, high-paying careers. We do the research to make sure our students enter a high-demand field with increasing job opportunities.

Our curriculums are written by industry experts and taught by experienced instructors. We’ve always focused on helping students achieve long-term career outcomes, which is why our course material is built around the real-world tools and skills that will get you hired.

Browse our programs below to find the best fit for you.

Average salaries according to Salary.com.

Software Engineering

Create the apps, sites and software that shape our world. You’ll build pages using HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and graduate a full-stack engineer. Learn how to approach projects like an engineer as you construct interactive websites from the ground up.

Full-time: 5 months, $16,000 upfront

Part-time: 6 months, $9,975 upfront

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Data Science

Explore the complex data manipulations that are transforming every industry. Use SQL and Python to run experiments and build machine learning models. This program is geared for anyone who’s explored data analysis and is ready to level-up into this advanced field.

Part-time: 6 months, $9,500 upfront

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Data Analytics

Build data models that reveal business insights and predict future events. Learn to manage large datasets, visualize data, and present your findings to stakeholders. Use Excel, SQL and Tableau to complete projects that mimic real-life business scenarios.

Full-time: 4 months, $13,475 upfront

Part-time: 6 months, $8,240 upfront

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

UX/UI Design

Unite data and aesthetics as you develop interfaces that customers love to use. You’ll leverage customer research and design principles to create stunning apps and clean user-flows. Build wireframes and prototypes and learn the best practices of designing with a team.

Full-time: 5 months, $14,823 upfront

Part-time: 6 months, $12,350 upfront

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Digital Marketing

Build an engaged audience and maximize return on investment through SEO, digital ad strategies, social media, and email campaigns. Combine data analysis and creative content to develop a brand that appeals to your target audience. This course sets you up to lead the marketing department.

Part-time: 3 months, $5,341 upfront

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Technical Project Management

Create the roadmap for companies to achieve their biggest goals. Align teams behind a unified strategy that will take projects from planning to launch. You'll learn to create budgets, allocate resources, and motivate others as you build your leadership skills and learn to use specialized project management tools.

Part-time: 5 months, $6,825

Common Job Titles & Average Salaries:

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