This past week, the Flatiron School had their #ScienceFAIR for their Ruby, iOS, and Web fellowship cohorts. The 80 students presented some amazing capstone projects to potential employers and we’ve highlighted a few (including a past Thinkful student!).

1. NYC Subway Alerts (

Have you ever been frustrated with the NYC Subway system? Surprisingly, you aren’t alone! Christina Cannito, Samer Khaleel, Yaritza Rodriguez, and Yonatan Miller used the API for the New York MTA and created an amazing web app that allows you to set automatically text alerts when a specific subway line is having delays or isn’t running.

Users are able to receive the status of their trains via text message. This allows the user to give themselves the appropriate amount of time to get to their destination.

- Sends text messages to the user with the train status using Twilio.
- Scrapes the MTA’s API using NokoGiri to get the train’s status.
- Clean and an aesthetically appealing interface using Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

2. Twitter Swear Jar (

A much needed web app for the world of twitter, this Twitter Swear Jar is a great way to raise funds and moderate your social media language. You can choose any word or phrase so that each time you use it on twitter you will automatically be charged a fine via venmo! This awesome web app was created by Amy Johnson, Jacob Barrieault, and Mitch Boyer.

Twitter Swear Jar - Rails app allows groups to designate “taboo” words, auto-charges members when they tweet taboos

- Integrated Twitter and Venmo APIs to obtain and scan user’s Tweets and automatically deduct payments of one dollar when appropriate
- Used OAuth to log users in through Twitter and authorize payments through Venmo
- Built using an encryption gem and internal safety checks to protect sensitive data and prevent erroneous charges
- Employed jQuery on the front-end for responsiveness

3. Modern Mind (

A past Thinkful student Julia Taitz along with Luke Demarest and Spencer Tang created a very interesting collaborative art web app. If you are familiar with Exquisite Corpse, this is the online version. One artist will draw a section and then let another artist collaborate by adding on. The trick is that they only see the very edge of the previously drawing leading to some very interesting creations. This web app version let’s you collaborate with anyone anywhere are share your masterpieces with other users.

Modern Mind - Rails interpretation of “Exquisite Corpse”, the surrealist drawing game

- Combined Processing.js with Rails to display interactive drawing canvases
- Used JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, and HTML for canvas visualizations
- Incorporated the OmniAuth gem to allow users to securely login via their Facebook account

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