Thinkful is teaming up with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) to offer web development continuing education and career services in Milwaukee - and that means great careers for aspiring web developers in America’s Dairyland! This partnership represents a bold new way for us to nurture tech talent, while also helping a prestigious institution serve students who have struggled to find a career advancement program to fit their lifestyles and budgets.

Thinkful launched this university partnership program in February, and it has already proven extremely popular. We immediately observed a lot of enthusiasm, both at UWM and in the Milwaukee business community. This positive reception demonstrates the need for our unique education and career coaching programs in the web and software development continuing education space, within growing tech hubs across the country -- like Milwaukee. We make it easy for students to learn and advance their careers in tech.

Learned Skills to Job Placements

Students will acquire the necessary skills to meet a huge local demand for web and software development workers. In fact, according to Burning Glass, Wisconsin saw over 1,400 new listings for entry-level web development and software engineering jobs with a median salary of $75,000 per year -- requiring 0 to 2 years experience, during the course of 2018. By learning in-demand web development skills -- such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React -- in just six months, these students will be able to land new, higher-paying jobs.

A new career in web development can be an opportunity to lift your standard of living. Thinkful graduates increase their annual incomes by more than 19k, on average. Think about what lifestyle upgrades can be made with that elevated earning potential! Four hundred and thirteen (413) Thinkful grads got new jobs in tech last year due to our quality education, and their hard work alongside our instructors, mentors and career advisors.

“This partnership is well suited with the School's goal of meeting regional workforce needs,” UWM’s Provost’s Deputy for Continuing Education Nancy Nelson said in a press statement. “This course provides participants with the skills necessary for high-growth careers in web development while also meeting the rapidly changing technology needs of industry.”

Thinkful Grads Work Far and Wide

Thinkful has built tech job communities in 22 cities including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and other growing tech hubs. Having university-based programs enables us to expand our hiring network and give Thinkful course grads the prospect of landing a job in-network in almost every emerging tech hub across the United States.

And it’s not just geography: Tech workers are in-demand across many industries, too, including transportation, healthcare, e-commerce and more. UWM students who complete this course will be able to leverage Thinkful’s career support services and our extensive hiring network.

Read more about this exciting partnership in the Journal Sentinel or check out the course.

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