Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published a piece about the growing number of financial professionals making the jump to the tech community

Thinkful’s co-founder, Darrell Silver, is featured prominently in the article. Check out the section on Thinkful below:

Beyond the obvious inducements of wearing jeans to work and playing the occasional game of foosball, former finance professionals said they wanted an environment in which decisions could be made without vetting by several layers of bureaucracy.

“Technology is collaborative. In finance, it’s the opposite,” said Darrell Silver, who worked for a hedge fund before starting Perpetually LLC, a web-archiving company in 2008 that he later sold to Smarsh Inc.

Mr. Silver’s latest venture, an online-education company called Thinkful that he co-founded in 2012, is taking advantage of the employee bloodletting in finance. Several Thinkful classes are geared toward helping Wall Streeters find new technology careers, such as one advertised shortly after Citigroup Inc. C +0.15% announced plans to lay off thousands of employees late last year.

“Your new CEO recently laid off 11,000 of your peers, and shareholders are happy about it,” read the ad for the 12-week course in Web development. Mr. Silver said he received 100 applications, with a large chunk coming from employees of big banks.

Tripti Singh, one of the students who enrolled in the class, said she chose finance for the job stability. “But every six months I’ve seen job cuts,” Ms. Singh said. “I felt like I might be the one to go next time.”

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