The Hidden Gem in Colorado that doesn’t teach Ruby

When most bootcamp applicants consider where to apply the seemingly best locations continue to be New York and San Francisco, but they have gravely underestimated the value of Boulder, Colorado. In a study done by Kauffman on High Tech Firms and Job Creation, New York City didn’t even rank in the top 10 metro areas for High-Tech Startup Density and San Francisco shockingly came in at #7. The metro area with the highest tech startup density in the US is Boulder, Colorado. In fact of these top 10 cities, four of them are located in the state of Colorado.

Why does this concern future bootcamp applicants? A higher density for tech startups ultimately leads to a higher demand for junior developers. One of the most commonly asked questions of coding bootcamps is “Will I get a job upon graduation?”. My advice to any future bootcamper asking this question is to apply to RefactorU. Often bootcampers underestimate the importance of location when choosing a bootcamp and because of Boulder’s amazing startup growth the number of developers in demand has shot up accordingly. Sean Daken saw this and founded RefactorU.

Located in Boulder’s Warehouse District, RefactorU was founded in 2013. Before founding RefactorU, Daken was running an angel-funded startup and was having a hard time finding junior level developers in the Boulder area. He decided the best way to fix this was to start his own coding bootcamp and thus RefactorU was born.

RefactorU has had success since and continues to stay ahead of the game by adding new programs including its most recent course on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles! Not only are they leading in what courses they provide but also in the programming languages they teach. RefactorU was one of the first bootcamps to recognize the growing popularity of the full stack combo of javascript/Node.JS. The trends towards client-side heavy web applications continues to make this full stack combo more and more in demand (check out current node.js job trends here).

Additionally, RefactorU was recently approved by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools making them one of the earliest bootcamps in the country to get state approval in order to pave the way for accreditation. RefactorU stands out among coding bootcamps in both quality of community and curriculum, and I encourage anyone looking to attend a coding bootcamp to apply. Check out their profile page on Thinkful’s bootcamp finder for student reviews and more information.

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