The people, they’re talking all about Thinkful! Check out June’s roundup:

June 2
Stephanie Walden at Mashable on “Why Today’s College Graduates Must Be Self-Sufficient

Stephanie writes

For recent college graduates, the transition to the working world after years of academia can be a shock to the system — and today’s employers expect junior hires to hit the ground running.

Our CEO, Darrell, was interviewed and said that “it’s a misperception that millennials are more demanding of their employers. What’s actually going on is that today’s workers expect to spend their entire lives connected to the job. As a result, they expect something in return.”

June 4
Katelyn Bogucki at HuffPo Code announced our (and the world’s) inaugural Swift course: “Did iOS Development Just Get A lot Simpler?

In addition to the resources that Apple has provided, Thinkful, an on-line learning platform, launched a landing page for “The world’s first Swift course” on Monday night. 

Like any tech company, our entire team tuned in to watch the live stream of Apple’s WWDC conference in San Francisco. Unlike most tech companies, we launched a course in Swift, the new programming language that Apple announced at the conference, in just a few hours following the news. It was a huge day for us as we were the very first to announce classes in the new language!

June 4
Daniel Eran Dilger of Apple Insider: “Apple’s Top Secret Swift Language Grew from Work to Sustain Objective C, Which It Now Aims to Replace

Daniel discussed Thinkful’s Swift course:

Thinkful, an education startup focused on mentor-led programming education, has already announced plans to offer a course on developing in Swift, in a program that begins July 16.

June 5
Fast Company's Ariel Schwartz on the next cohort of Thiel Fellows: “Meet the Next 20 Genius Kids Getting $100,000 From Peter Thiel to Ditch College

Ariel introduced the next class of Thiel Fellows while also analyzing what past Fellows are doing. She mentioned our Co-Founder Dan and said

Among the most successful past fellows are Dan Friedman, the cofounder of a company called Thinkful that helps mid-career professionals who want to transition into more technical careers…

June 16
Kia Kokalitcheva of VentureBeat on: “Hack Reactor is Launching An Online Coding Bootcamp, But You Still Need to Quit Life to Do It

Interestingly, Hack Reactor’s program is designed to be as close to an in-person course as possible, which is similar to our model which relies heavily on our one-on-one mentorship for all students. We were mentioned in this article as an alternative online coding program:

While there are other online coding programs, such as Tealeaf Academy and Thinkful, this appears to be the first online version of an in-person program, at least among the San Francisco-based bootcamps.

June 19
Kathleen O'Brien wrote a piece for NationSwell: “Inside the $100,000 Deal to Skip College and Start A Company Instead

Kathleen mentioned Co-Founder Dan writing

Undoubtedly, being a Thiel Fellow becomes more appealing when once you start looking at the success of former program participants. For instance, Dan Friedman is now the co-founder of a company called Thinkful which works with mid-career professionals who want to switch to technical careers.

June 23
Jennifer Berry contributed to Yahoo! Education: “Degrees That Might Be A Waste of Money

Jennifer talks about how to make educational investments count and how to avoid wasting your money on dead-end degrees.

Our CEO, Darrell Silver, was interviewed and explained 

What happens to a lot of [college students] is they choose a major based entirely on what they’re interested in today, not giving any thought to how difficult it will be to get a job after college. 

June 24
Daniel Earle of The Muse: “The Programming Language You Should Learn (Even If You’re Not A Developer)

Daniel explains why learning Swift makes job candidates more appealing to potential employers. He mentions Thinkful’s course writing

Thinkful, an online school that teaches programming, recently polled its iOS teachers and students to figure out the right time for non-engineers to take the plunge and learn Swift, and they answered in union: That time is now.

He argued that Swift can give you an “edge” in any job search!

June 25
HuffPo Code’s, Katelyn Bogucki, and her weekly Floating Points segment: “PODCAST: Is the Amazon Fire Phone A Flop?

Katelyn writes

In Season One, we discussed Thinkful because it was the first online education company to announce a Swift language course. Evan Schneider, an engineer at Thinkful joins the Floating Points crew this week to discuss his role at the company and give us insight into their curriculum. Is Thinkful’s online, self-paced program a better way to learn how to code than a bootcamp? 

Evan, the first engineer at Thinkful, even revealed our most popular course!

June 25
TechCrunch's Sam O'Keefe and Jordan Crook co-authored: “One Month Raises $770k to Teach All Of The Coding

Thinkful was mentioned as an alternative program to One Month, which is a program that promises to deliver a fully functional web application after just one month

…One Month is certainly not alone. From Thinkful’s class and mentor model, to Udemy and Udacity’s fully digital courses, to gamified experiences like CodeAcademy or Treehouse, there are more than enough locations to learn coding online.

June 26
Robert McGuire of SkilledUp contributed to VentureBeat: “Hacking the Hacker School: How the Bootcamp is Being Taken to Scale Outside the Coding World

Robert wrote an in-depth article about bootcamps and what they’re bringing to the table. He interviewed our CEO, Darrell, who said:

Bootcamps are scalable as an industry. The sheer volume of bootcamps and the tuition that’s being generated speaks for itself. But, if I was investing in a bootcamp, I would wonder if there can be one winner or if it’s really a local business.

To help those interested in learning more about bootcamps, we created our very own ’Bootcamp Finder’ - check it out!

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