Did you know that Minnesota has a robust enterprise scene and is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies? In fact, for many years, Minnesota has ranked second in the country for the most Fortune 500 companies per capita. Not only have these organizations had an impact on their communities, they have also had a major impact on the local tech scene.

Minnesota-based corporations hire thousands of different positions each year. For the tech industry specifically, these jobs can range anywhere from IT infrastructure to software engineering to data science. The continued growth and stability the companies offer provides endless job opportunities for local talent and attracts new talent to the region.

According to the Minnesota Economic Trends Report, computer systems design and related services is the largest-employing sub sector in the Twin Cities, with over 28,700 job opportunities. It also has the highest concentration of information technology jobs in the state. Typical occupations within this industry include web developers, software engineers, data scientists, and data analysts.

In addition to being fast-growing, the computer systems design and related services sector offers some of the highest annual wages in Minnesota. In 2017, the average annual wage for this sector was $96,720. According to Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development, Computer Systems Analysts ($88,854 median annual salary) and Software Developers ($90,828 median annual salary) are the most in-demand occupations in this sector.

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