We’ve seen over and over that personal attention and technology drive our students’ success. Thinkful has more students than ever and we believe there are enormous opportunities to grow and improve the education we provide for them. In short, the time has come to expand our education team!

When Dan and I started interviewing for this role we knew we needed someone who understood how to learn online, someone who could empathize with our students, someone who could measure and experiment with our hybrid education, and someone who could build the infrastructure to get all these things done quickly. Most of all, we knew that Dan’s voice and vision for online education would have to be the starting point for all the innovations we have yet to think up. The only thing we didn’t know was if such a person could exist.

Unsurprisingly, it took us awhile. After two months and over a hundred hours spent interviewing thirty five truly exceptional candidates, we finally found him: Today we welcome Ben White to Thinkful, and we’re beyond excited for him to get started.

Ben spent the last two years as a statistician, writer and researcher, while working nights, weekends and on the job to teach himself how to code. He exemplifies the very best of our students, and he did it the hard way – on his own. He holds two masters degrees, one each in anthropology and sociology from the University of Chicago and Central European University in Budapest. He initially caught mine and Ani’s attention when we saw the code he’s written. His work displayed a trait I came to value when hiring for Perpetually, and one I’ve seen time and time again in successful engineers: the ability to attack and solve challenging technology problems without realizing how advanced or difficult they are. Ben knows how to drive our student’s learning, can analyze our education, and can build what we need to grow Thinkful.

Welcome, Ben!

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