If you’ve ever wondered how your communication skills, analytical mind, and project management expertise could be put to good use, it’s worth considering a career in product management. Product managers are the leaders of the software product lifecycle. This critical tech job moves ideas into complete, fully functioning tech products. Not only do they motivate design, engineering, and product teams to excel, they have a bird’s eye view on how to build useful tools for consumers.

At Thinkful, you’ll learn all the soft and hard skills necessary to be a successful product manager in tech. In order to be eligible to enroll in Product Management Flexible, you’ll need a four-year degree and some tech industry experience. But once you’re in, a personal mentor, academic success manager, and career coach await.  You’ll be on your way to a high-paying product management career.

Curious about what you should be considering before you apply?

Check out our three pieces of must-read advice before you enroll and find out if our Product Management Flexible course is right for you.

Hard skills are just as important as soft skills

“Product management focuses pretty heavily on soft skills and working with ambiguity, which could be hard to prove. Having solid tech skills like data analysis (SQL, Advanced Excel) or some good knowledge about UX and UI will set students apart.” –   Cameron G., Senior Admissions Representative

In most Thinkful courses, we’ll teach you tech skills like HTML code or using Github to launch your career in tech. But with Product Management Flexible, you’ll need some tech chops before you enroll. Having a basic understanding of data analysis and Excel is important.

Product Management requires a blend of different skills

“Product Management is a blend of coding, analytics, and understanding the business concepts to help create, implement, and see projects through.” – Raina R., Admissions Representative

Know what the course entails before you apply. You’ll learn about product market fit, overall product strategy, UX design, roadmapping, and start to ask the big questions around whether or not what the company is building will solve problems for users. Product management covers various skills, so you have to be ready to use both sides of your brain.

Networking and time management is key

“We stress the importance of networking while in the program, planning ahead for time management and fully taking advantage of our network of experts both for academic and career support.” – Alanna E., Academic Success Manager

Thinkful offers full support from day one. In order to maximize on that support, be ready to network with your peers, personal mentors, academic success managers, and career coaches. The Thinkful network is ready to see you succeed.


Not sure if you have the foundational skills we’re looking for? Don’t worry, our admissions team will answer all of your questions before making a commitment. They can go over key qualifications and help you decide if Product Management Flexible is the best path for you – schedule a call.  

If you want to dive deeper, see an inside scoop into what a career in product management looks like and how much it pays.

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