We are a team of educators and students. Whether you’re building the product, designing a curriculum, or working directly with students, you’ll be asked to learn quickly and help others do the same. We hire for the curiosity, enthusiasm, and grit that characterize our students. We believe in both teaching and learning while at work, and we provide the freedom and support you need to learn any skill.

We offer everything you should expect from a well-funded startup: competitive salaries, health insurance, significant equity, and a few perks like gym membership, Kindle, Jawbone, and monthly book credit. We share an office with other great startups in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

Python/Django engineers

We’re building the tools to deliver curricula, expertise and live help so anyone can advance their career. As an engineer at Thinkful you’ll be working directly with both Darrell and Dan to architect, build and grow our technology and our team. You’re excited about learning new skills and applying them to help others learn. You must have a portfolio of interesting software engineering projects you can show us. The ideal candidate has a keen interest in education and learning, reflecting the aspirations of our students. Talent and curiosity matter more than raw skill: Experience is valued, but not as much as potential. This position is with us in New York City.

Contact Darrell to apply. Send along your GitHub profile, or any work that makes you awesome.

UX/UI designer

We need to build a visual voice that reflects the values of Thinkful: Aspirational, curious, and open to experimentation. In this role, you’ll define the look and feel of the Thinkful brand and create the UX and UI of our educational product. You’re excited to design experiences that help our students learn faster and retain what they learn. You want to contribute ideas, and take others’ ideas to the state of finished products. If you don’t already know how to code your designs, you’re excited to learn (we’re happy to teach you). Your experience must demonstrate that you’re versatile, and your curiosity must convince us that you intend to become more so. This position is with us in New York City.

Contact Dan to apply. Send along any work that makes you awesome.

Python/Django and Ruby/Rails curriculum designers

We’re expanding our curricula to include server-side languages. We’re hiring a curriculum designer to write curricula for students to learn basic programming and web development. You will create a path to help a total beginner learn programming fundamentals and build basic interactive web applications. You must deeply understand the mindset of a beginner and you should have experience writing curricula or working with beginners. Since we use the best resources from around the web, bonus points for having an opinion on what makes a resource more or less effective. We’re looking for one person to work on programming with Python and web development with Django, and another person for Ruby and Rails. This position may be remote, and is part-time.

Contact Dan to apply. Send along your resume and any educational work you’ve done.

Front-end web development mentors

We’re hiring mentors to work with our students as they learn front-end development. Thinkful mentors work with motivated beginners as they become employable front-end developers. In addition to being able to teach all of the core skills of front-end development – HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript – you must love your work; your most important responsibility will be to inspire in your students a passion for software development. Thinkful mentors spend 20% of their time learning new skills and technologies that you’ll teach students. You must be a strong communicator, especially about technical concepts. You should have a demonstrated interest in teaching and a high degree of empathy with beginners. Thinkful mentors may work remotely or from our office, and may apply for full-time or part-time positions.

Contact Dan to apply. Send along your resume and a description of any teaching experience you have.

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