Vin Vacanti, CEO of Yipit, just published a blog post in which he details how and why every Yipit employee is learning to code. He argues that even non-developers at tech companies are more productive if they can prototype or at least speak the language of tech. He describes their actual process for teaching employees: they mix content, projects, and mentorship to get employees to the right level as efficiently as possible.

I’m excited to see Yipit adopt a model of education that mirrors our’s. Working with our first 25 students, I’ve seen the compounding effect when you combine high-quality content, project-based learning, mentorship, and (the one piece he doesn’t mention explicitly) an environment conducive to sticking to one’s goals. We’re similarly putting our first marketing hire through our own front-end development course. I expect we’ll be hearing positive results from Vin in a few months, if not sooner. 

From his post:

“Along the way, we’ve built a curriculum. Each person gets paired with a more experienced developer and goes through the program:

The goal isn’t for everyone to become full developers but rather for everyone to learn the language of tech startups, to make better decisions, to become more self-sufficient, to truly become entrepreneurs within Yipit.”

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