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We put our reputation on the line with each Thinkful student and every year we have taken steps to improve our transparency as a coding bootcamp. In 2015, we became the first online coding school to report student outcomes and in 2016 we became the first with a 3rd-party audited transparency report. Then in March 2017, we became a founding member of CIRR, the standards initiative that helps students build trust in all coding schools.

Through CIRR we publish stats every six months (the first and most recent report is here). On the 15th of each month we also automatically update our life-to-date CIRR stats here and across This help students see the most recent data on our school.

Not all students demand this level of transparency but we wish they would. You can also read more here about our views on transparency and how this kind of risk-sharing keeps schools honest.

If you have any questions you can reach our founders directly at or

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Flex grads placed as full time devs.
92% placed in tech careers.


Average salary increase
as reported by students

What jobs are graduates getting?

Job titlePercentagePopulationCount

How long does it take to get a job?

Follows CIRR criteria and includes data through the last month (CIRR currently ends December 2016).
Months to placementPercentagePopulationCount

What are students’ goals? Are they employed during the course?

Job goal

Job while enrolled

Goal for coursePercentagePopulationCount
Job while enrolledPercentagePopulationCount

Who are the students?

Age distribution

Gender identification

Women and men graduate at the same rate but more men enroll.
Age groupPercentagePopulationCount

Where are the students based?

Top 7 cities for Bootcamp students

  1. New York City, NY
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Atlanta, GA
  7. Sydney, Australia

Thinkful is proud to be a founding member of the Council on Integrity in Results and Reporting, aimed at improving transparency across coding schools. Learn more at

Web Development Bootcamp

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By combining an in-depth, project-based approach with three 1-on-1 sessions every week, we've designed this program to land you a developer job. Our Web Development Bootcamp is the most efficient way to create a unique portfolio that showcases the skills employers look for. Working side-by-side with a professional developer, you'll build interactive websites and apps. Your mentor will customize each phase of the course, so you can learn other JavaScript frameworks and build advanced capstone projects from scratch.

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