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A flexible path from beginner to employed Data Scientist.

“I could always rely on my mentor and Q&A sessions for patient explanations, whether it was about writing APIs or multivariate analysis. They really cared that I learned the concepts and the curriculum and went the extra mile to make sure that I succeeded. The course has helped me grow as a journalist and given me confidence to tackle new challenges.”

Angela Woodall, Data Journalist
Graduate of our Data Science skills course
Flexible Data Science Bootcamp Thinkful student

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Start the prep course

Learn what it’s like to be a Thinkful student with this 3-week prep course. The prep course is a microcosm of the whole bootcamp, covering a number of topics as a standalone introduction to Data Science and culminating in a data-driven capstone project. In total, you will be expected to commit 20-25 hours to the course work.

  • One on one Hold yourself accountable with three 1-on-1 mentor sessions each week with an experienced data scientist.
  • Data science Learn programming in Python, the toolkit data scientists use daily, and core statistics concepts.
  • Community Join a community of students on Slack and access 40+ hours of weekly office hours over video chat.
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Prep cost is $500.
This cost is deducted in full from the bootcamp tuition if you are accepted.

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After the prep course, the program manager will evaluate your comprehension of the concepts along with important factors like discipline and work ethic.

Total bootcamp tuition is $8,550 for 6 months. You can find more information on the payment plans below.

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A note from the Head of Education

This is our first new program since the top-rated Web Development Bootcamp. Seeing you succeed is why I work at Thinkful. With our network of 350 mentors, 27 staff at HQ, and 7,000 students, you'll have an unprecedented amount of support and opportunity – I personally guarantee it.

— Grae Drake, Head of Education

Grae Drake

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Inside the course
All the resources you'll need to succeed.

1-on-1 mentorship

You'll meet with your mentor three times each week. In the meetings, you'll navigate difficult concepts, learn best practices, and plan your upcoming work to align with your interests. Together, you'll customize your path by specializing in natural language processing, econometrics, or data visualization — to name a few. Your mentor isn't your only teacher. With dozens of mentors hosting open Q&A sessions every day, you can join in and get your questions answered at any time, from multiple perspectives.

Project-based curriculum

Employers want to see real work, not exercises and test results. That's why the curriculum guides you to learn the concepts then dives straight into building unique projects using the tools the industry demands. Learning happens when you connect new concepts and with hands on experience and feedback.

Career Prep

From the first month onwards, you'll get interview prep and practice coding, statistics, and visualization challenges to start on the path toward job placement. Before you know it, you’ll be polishing your resume and signing your cover (and offer!) letters.


Join a community of students, mentors, and alum to get your questions answered in real-time, share your success, vent your frustration, and meet people who share the same goals.

Workshops and Q&A sessions

Every student has acesss to 40+ hours of group mentorship every week. Q&A sessions allow students to ask questions and get help while workshops encourage mentors to highlight a specific topic in a project.

Look inside the course
See what you’ll learn.

Unit 1 - Data and Analysis

Concepts covered

Matplotlib, SQL, SQLite, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Seaborn, Experimental design, A/B Testing


Project(s) you'll build

  • SQL Challenge - Solve questions about AirBnB data using SQL queries with a database that you'll set up locally.
  • Data Cleaning & Validation - Practice data cleaning & validation using data from WELLCOME Trust on open access publishing.
  • Your First Research Proposal - Using a dataset of your own choice, create your first Research Proposal (also known as an Experimentation RFC).

Unit 2 - Supervised Learning

Concepts covered

PCA, Feature engineering, Naive Bayes, Regression models, Classification models, Least Squares Regression, Multivariable Regression, Class Imbalance


Project(s) you'll build

  • Prepare a Dataset for Modeling - Using a dataset of your choice, you will explore variables using univariate and bivariate methods.
  • Build your Own Naive Bayes Classifier - Perform a sentiment analysis on feedback left on a website to determine if it is positive or negative.
  • Classifier Validation - Test the performance of your classifier from the previous project and learn how to improve it.
  • Your First Multivariate Linear Regression Model - Build a regression model using FBI UCR Crime data in order to predict property crimes.
  • Validating a Linear Regression - Validate your property crime model and based on the results create a revised model. Test both old and new models on a new holdout or set of folds.

Unit 3 - Deeper into Supervised Learning

Concepts covered

Similarity Models, KNN, Decision Trees, Random Forest, ID3 Algorithm, Ensemble Modeling, Advanced Regression, Support Vector Machines, Boosting Models


Project(s) you'll build

  • Model Comparison - Using your own chosen data set build a KNN and an OLS regression and compare them.
  • Random Forests & Decision Trees - Compare the relative accuracy of random forests and decision trees using a data set of your choosing.
  • Support Vector Machines Challenge - Translate a weak SVR into a more accurate SVC.
  • Boosted Models - Give your model a boost in the Boosted Model Challenge.

Unit 4 - Unsupervised Learning

Concepts covered

Unsupervised learning, Basic Clustering, K - Means, Clustering Evaluation, NLP (Natural Langage Processing), Neural Networks, Deep Learning


Project(s) you'll build

  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Drill - Determine whether a problem is best solved using supervised or unsupervised techniques.
  • Applying K Means - Use your knowledge of basic clustering to determine variance with changes in K.

Unit 5 - Other Topics in Data Science

Concepts covered

Algorithms, Data Scraping, Big Data, Survey Design, Privacy and Data Science


Project(s) you'll build

  • Data Scraping - Learn the value of Data Scraping and practice on a source of your choosing.
  • Survey Design - Create a survey on the topic of your choosing and gather data from users.
  • Algorithms - Build your own algorithm for some of the models we’ve gone over so far!

Unit 6 - Specializations

This is an opportunity to work with a mentor to cover topics more aligned to your chosen specialization. This can include but is not limited to Natural Language Processing, TensorFlow, Econometrics, Social Genomics/Quantified Self, Time Series and Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, or Visualization.

Unit 7 - Final Capstone Project


Project(s) you'll build

  • Final Capstone Project - Using what you have learned, you will create a custom project showcasing your new data science skills as well as specialization knowledge.

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Payment plans for Data Science Bootcamp.

Upfront Month to month Skills Fund loan Deferred Income share agreement (ISA)
How to choose Most affordable Pay as you go Lowest monthly payments For budgets of $500 / month Only pay once you start a job
Paid by you on your start day $8,550 $1,500 $250 Not covered by the loan $2,500 $1000 Refundable deposit
Monthly payments - $1,500 for 5 months $290 for 36 months, beginning on 2nd month $500 for 17 months, beginning on 2nd month 10-15% of income for 3 years
Total cost $8,550 $9,000 $10,665Loan size of $8,750 $11,000 Variable based on income
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Due on start day $8,550
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Total cost $8,550
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Pay as you go
Due on start day $1,500
Monthly payments $1,500 for 5 months
Total cost $9,000
For budgets of $500 / month
Due on start day $2,500
Monthly payments $500 for 17 months, beginning on 2nd month
Total cost $11,000
Income share agreement (ISA)
Only pay once you start a job
Due on start day $1000 (Refundable deposit)
Monthly payments 10-15% of income for 3 years
Total cost Variable based on income
Skills Fund loan
Lowest monthly payments
Due on start day $250 Not covered by the loan
Monthly payments $290 for 36 months, beginning on 2nd month
Total cost $10,665Loan size of $8,750
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Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents.

Loans with Skills Fund are available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents.

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