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Web developer jobs in Raleigh

How Thinkful will help you become a developer

Learn 21st century skills and land a tech job in Raleigh. We're Thinkful, the #1 ranked coding bootcamp specializing in teaching web development with two top-rated offerings. The first is a 6-month, part time bootcamp perfect if you have a job and want to change careers. The second, a full time program for students who want the structure of a peer group each day over a 4 months. Each is designed to get you hired as a developer. We'll match you with an experienced engineer that you'll meet with 1-on-1 in three video sessions per week to learn best practices, get code review, and prepare for interviews. You’ll also have the option to meet with fellow students and mentors in the Raleigh area at regular meetups to share ideas and work through coding problems. After graduation, we'll work with you to land a full time job as a developer with a participating company.


Learn part-time over 6 months

Land your next job without quitting your current one.

1. Work with mentors from top companies

Your mentor will be among the best engineers at top companies from around the US, working with you 1-on-1 to help you learn faster and gain exactly the skills you need. At the end of the course they will help you find opportunities at growing companies.

2. Learn Full Stack Web Development

Over 6 months part-time, you’ll learn full stack web development with the latest technologies including React and Node, as well as the computer science fundamentals you’ll need to ace the interview.

3. Land a job

Work with a career coach to find opportunities, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers. After graduation, you’ll have 5 mock interviews and weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help get you hired.

Built with one goal: get you hired

We guarantee job placement.

We guarantee that you’ll get a web development job within 6 months of graduating from our coding bootcamp. If not, you get 100% of your money back. Our program has been vetted by experienced recruiters, we’re confident that it will get you hired, and we fully stand by it. As long as you put in the effort to graduate and then carry out a thorough job search, we’ll confidently stand by you, too.

Look inside the course

See what you'll learn.

Frontend Development

You'll learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript fundamentals as you push your code to Git/Github with the command line. It's important that you're confident about your success before you make the decision of quitting your job. Learn intermediate concepts in JavaScript programming and Frontend Development. Master object-oriented programming with JavaScript, and concepts like scope and closures. Make AJAX calls to a range of API's, and gain experience communicating about code as your pair program.

Topics: HTML, CSS, Git/Github, Command Line, JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming, AJAX, JSON, Responsive Design

Backend Development with Node.js

Gain experience writing server-side code using Node.js and Express. Build API's with Node.js that serve data to your frontend, and write tests that ensure your software works. By using Node on the server, you'll learn JavaScript deeply instead of having to switch to a new language.

Topics: Web Frameworks, Node.js, MongoDB, SQL databases, RESTful API's, Test-driven Development, Authentification, Deployment

Intermediate Frontend Development with React.JS

Use React – a fast-growing JavaScript library developed by Facebook – to build dynamic Single Page Applications. Build web components to make your applications modular, and learn the Flux application architecture to organize your code.

Topics: React, Flux, Redux, Webpack, Babel

Computer Science Fundamentals

Practice using algorithms and data structures to solve technical challenges. Learn to think about code efficiency and optimization, and prepare for the kinds of problems you'll face in interviews. After focusing primarily on concepts and technical exercises in the first two weeks, you'll apply that knowledge as you build another full stack app in teams.

Topics: Sorting, Searching, Recursion, Arrays, Lists, Trees

Product engineering 101

Prototype and build capstone projects while learning about development methodologies such as agile, TDD, and user-centric design. This section combines everything you've learned and simulates the challenges of working on the job as a developer.

Topics: Product Development, Agile, User Experience, Iteration

Career prep and placement

How the placement phase works

90% of job-seeking graduates have landed a job as a developer within 6 months of graduating. With Thinkful, you’ll work 1-on-1 with a career coach as you build connections with local employers, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers.

Learn to network

We'll host meetups with local employers and help you spend time at the right events where your future colleagues already spend time.

Master the interview

Throughout your course, you'll have five interviews that test your knowledge and your approach to problem solving. You’ll get written feedback from hiring managers to hone your craft.

Find the job

Once you graduate your Career Coach will work to introduce you to open positions in and around The Triangle and help you craft compelling job applications. Or benefit from Thinkful's national employer network.

Tuition and Scholarships

Scholarships available for Raleigh residents

Tuition for the 6-month program starts at $8,550. For details on pricing and plans, visit the pricing page.

We've partnered with three amazing organizations, MotherCoders, Girl Develop It, and Operation Code, to offer scholarships for our Web Development Bootcamp. Self-identifying women and US military members (active or discharged) receive $100 off each month they're enrolled. Scholarships cannot be combined with each other or other discounts.

Getting started

How do I apply?

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On an introductory call, we'll ask more about your experience and goals, and answer any questions about the program.

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