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Bitmaker Labs is a Ruby on Rails bootcamp that teaches you how to code by recreating some of the most popular web applications on the Internet. You should expect to be challenged in class, but you will also have a mandatory pre-work program to complete before you arrive which should help you out.

Applying is easily done on-line. When submitting your online application you will be prompted to schedule an in-person interview or a Skype call.

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Bitmaker Labs programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: UX & Product Design Cities: Toronto Duration: 9 weeks Cost: $9,000

The UX and products design bootcamp at Bitmaker Labs focuses on designing innovative sites and apps in a hands-on learning environment. User research is a key part of the nine-week curriculum, as well as networking opportunities. At least 90% of Bitmaker Labs graduates have landed full-time jobs in tech fields, or successfully freelance.

Program: Mobile Development Cities: Toronto Duration: 9 weeks Cost: $9,000

During the nine-week mobile development bootcamp at Bitmaker Labs, students will gain significant ObjC, iOS, and Swift experience. Bootcamp recruits will launch their projects in the App Store. Bitmaker Labs offers a variety of job- hunting services, including lunches with tech executives and visits to local companies.

Program: Web Development Cities: Toronto Duration: 9 weeks Cost: $9,000

Studying – and actually using – Ruby and JavaScript is the focus of the Bitmaker Labs web development bootcamp experience. Students will also meet and interview with representatives of companies that are hiring in Toronto as well as other parts of North America. So far, 85% of the web development bootcamp graduates have landed jobs through this process.

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