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Bloc is an online-only coding bootcamp that trains students to become software engineers. The apprenticeship model pairs students with a mentor, who works with the student 1-on-1 to work through challenges and understand coding concepts.

Students are able to enroll and take courses at their own pace, moving through a project-based curriculum in which they learn to build clones of popular sites from the ground up. After students move through the course at their own pace — some students take over a year to complete the program — they can access a job Placement Network. Anyone can register for Bloc, as it’s designed to train complete beginners in programming.

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Bloc programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Developer Track Cities: Remote Duration: 54 weeks Cost: Students pay a flat fee of $8,800 and can take the 540-hour course in 27 weeks or 54 weeks.

Bloc’s Part-Time Web Developer Track teaches students web development using several technologies: HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. Students can learn to code at their own pace, and are given the option of learning for 27 weeks at 20 hours per week, or 54 weeks at 12 hours per week. Bloc’s curriculum encourages students to build projects based on popular websites. As students learn, they meet regularly with a mentor who helps them understand new concepts and clear up misunderstandings.

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