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CodeCore's Bootcamp Program culminates in their hiring day, and you can see this focus throughout the bootcamp. You should expect to be doing a lot of pair programming to get you building real world projects quickly. On Hiring Day, CodeCore's employer partnership network comes to view the projects you created and potentially extend job offers. While they don't guarantee that you will get a job, they do boast that they have a network of 20 hiring partners.

They host four bootcamps a year and cover a different topic each time. While you might see a number of the languages we listed below being taught again, don't be surprised if new languages are added or switched out by the time you want to apply. In the past, they have run bootcamps on Python, PHP, Java and .NET. While the languages and topics of their bootcamp change, CodeCore's fundamental teaching philosophy does not. They teach you a primary language and then provide supplementary languages, skill sets and libraries to provide you a practical understanding of the core language.

As a case in point, their current Ruby Bootcamp doesn't stop at teaching you Ruby on Rails, but also provides a background knowledge of Front End languages and Development methodologies. It is probably reasonable to guess that while the languages may change, skills taught such as popular APIs, User Experience (UX) and agile development methodologies will remain somewhat constant.

They have a great comprehensive application process. You will need to apply on their site, have a quick get to know you coffee or phone call, and have a more intensive in person or Skype testing session. Oh, and don't worry about moving to Canada, they have partnerships with extended stay hotels in the area so you get discounted accommodations.

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CodeCore Bootcamp programs

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Program: Bootcamp Cities: Vancouver Duration: 12 weeks Cost: 8,600 CAD

CodeCore's original Bootcamp program. Popular with both large companies and startups alike, Ruby on Rails is one of the most sought after skills due to the speed in which a functional web application can be built. Learn it in 8 weeks! CodeCore Bootcamp, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers a 12-week bootcamp focusing around Ruby on Rails. American citizens are welcome, as they can obtain temporary residency status in Canada for up to six months – no visas required. CodeCore prepares its students to become industry-ready junior developers.

CodeCore Bootcamp reviews

5.0 / 5

1 reviews

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  • Kepler Fontenele's review

    I highly recommend the Codecore Bootcamp course for many reasons. You will be able to find very knowledgeable and experient instructors there for sure. Besides community and network events that they created there is just amazing. After a long period researching what boot camp course I should invest my money here in Vancouver, I'm very pleased to my had chose them. They definitely care a great reputation putting good developers out there that help me to stand out at my job interview.

    Answered by Kepler Fontenele on February 7th, 2017

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