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Codeup provides a unique learning opportunity to its students by being one of the few bootcamps to offer classes on the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). In fact, Codeup developed their program specifically to meet the current needs of businesses and they genuinely believe in offering people a second chance at a fulfilling career.

Prior to showing up to the bootcamp, students are assigned about 80-100 hours of pre-work that must be done prior to entering class. The pre-work was created by the Codeup instructors to prepare you to hit the ground running on the first day of class.

The official class time runs Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm with additional homework after hours for 12 weeks. You should expect class time to consist of a combination of lectures and hands on activities. Codeup values pair programming so you will often be paired off to complete various programming exercises. Students will finish the program by spending the last 2 to 3 weeks working on a capstone project. This capstone project will be demoed to Codeup’s 50+ hiring partners during their Demo Day.

Codeup also offer optional study halls for about an hour in the mornings and late into the evenings. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the study hall sessions to reach out to teachers for additional help or to tackle more advanced versions of material from that day’s lesson. Additionally, guest speakers will be invited a couple days each week for brown bag lunches to provide insight into the life of developers and entrepreneurs.

The value that Codeup provides extends beyond their formal education structures. Codeup is located in Geekdom, one of the major tech hubs of the San Antonio tech and startup community. Geekdom is the largest coworking space in Texas and is home to over 200 startups, many of whom are hiring partners for Codeup. This community of techies and entrepreneurs gives Codeup students the ability to network with potential employers during their time at the bootcamp as well as be a part of a collaborative work environment.

Codeup is very aware that many of its students are looking to make a career transition after their program and believes they have created the best environment to prepare for a developer role. They back this up with their job guarantee. If you don’t find successful job placement within 6 months of graduation, they will refund you 50% of your tuition.

You don’t need to have any prior experience to apply for Codeup. They describe their ideal candidate as “motivated, smart and hireable in every way except they’re lacking programming skills and knowledge.” Codeup has rolling admissions so be sure to apply early! If you are not from the San Antonio area, Codeup can help you with living arrangements and other logistics.

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Codeup programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Full-stack Bootcamp Cities: San Antonio Duration: 16 weeks Cost: $16,000

Codeup’s full-stack development bootcamp graduates, on average, earn $15,000 more in the first year of their new jobs than they ever did before. Beginners are welcome, including students as young as 14. The curriculum includes Git, JavaScript, jQuery, and four levels of PHP. At least 96% of Codeup graduates find jobs as developers within four months of completing their full-stack studies.

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