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At Codeworks you learn how to be a great software engineer, and build solid products, with an advanced understanding of JavaScript. At the end of the course you will be able to make entire applications, and contribute to coding projects of any size. Whether you want to fund your own startup, or join top companies’ engineering departments, this program gives you the right tools to succeed.

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Codeworks programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Intro to programming Cities: Remote Duration: 4 weeks Cost: Free

This is where you start from if you have minimal or no coding experience. The course is free, remote, 4 weeks part-time.

This course gives you an understanding of basic programming principles, and a solid introduction to web development. It also prepares you for our Full Stack Software Engineering Track.

Topics include: programming fundamentals, basic JavaScript + HTML + CSS, basic HTTP + Linux + jQuery.

Program: Full Stack Software Engineering Cities: Barcelona Duration: 12 weeks Cost: € 9,800

Are you ready to focus 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 12 weeks? This course is the heart of the Codeworks system, and is mainly divided in two sections. The pre-course (remote, 8 weeks, part-time), and the main course (on-site, 12 weeks full-time).

Pre-course topics include: intermediate JavaScript + HTML + CSS, jQuery, Git, Developer tools, intro to APIs.

For the main course, during the first half you concentrate on theory and advanced programming. The second part is dedicated instead to applying all you’ve learned, and use it to build complete products.

The main course schedule, divided by weeks, is as follows. 1-3) Advanced JavaScript + HTML + CSS, test-driven development, data structures, algorithms, complexity analysis, fundamentals of other programming languages. 4-5) Back-end frameworks (Node, Express, Koa), databases, networking. 6-7) Front-end frameworks (Angular, React, Polymer, Meteor), end-to-end testing. 8) Personal project, security threats. 9) First group project, systems architecture, continuous deployment. 10-11) Second group project, open source contributions. 12) Demos, revision, portfolio preparation, training for job interviews, hiring day.

Codeworks reviews

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Hey. Could you say about your Codeworks experience, rate instructors and usability of skills you got? What kind of career service are offered to graduates?

Posted by Andrew on October 12th, 2016


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