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Las Vegas, Salt Lake City

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DevPoint Labs currently has two different bootcamps, Web Development and iOS. They are really focused on giving their students a hands on experience. They teach using project based lectures, pair programming, hackathons and by building your own ideas and businesses.

You also get some pretty cool perks. You get 24 hour access to their facility (w/ food and drinks), access to Treehouse learning materials, and attendance at fun and educational events happening in the space.

Applying is super straightforward. You apply online, if they are interested they will schedule an interview with you.

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DevPoint Labs programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Development Cities: Las Vegas, Salt Lake City Duration: 11 weeks Cost: $9,500

Students who finish Devpoint Labs’ 11-week bootcamp in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be prepared for jobs as entry-level developers. Teamwork is a huge component of the program. Devpoint Labs also helps its students meet potential employers, and offers reasonably priced student housing options.

DevPoint Labs reviews

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How is student housing like? How many roommates am I with? How often am I doing extra work outside of course hours?

Posted by Brandon on October 12th, 2016


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