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Bootcamp Finder has been notified that DevSchool.Rocks is a scam. Make sure to research all coding bootcamps you are interested in.

We have been notified that DevSchool.Rocks is a scam. They have been reported to the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, their respective state attorneys general, the and FBI's Cyber Division. Please see for more information.

The following is the description they submitted, for reference:

Devschool combines an expert-guided, progressive, real world approach to teaching software and web development. Instead of creating artificial hoops, courses and classrooms, they focus on having students build real applications. Every student builds different applications and every student has a different time-line based on their own availability.

Devschool doesn't interview for talent, instead they look for people who can demonstrate that they have the drive to put in the hours and effort it takes to become a paid programmer. Along with proving you are serious about learning to code, you will need to pass the "no jerk" test.

Your Instructor will begin by filling in all of your 'gaps. You will not just be taught to code, but to code with team-mates, and they will even focus on getting you to use your Mac like a pro, navigating with the keyboard and writing code in Vim.

Towards the end of your private Instructor sessions they will begin coaching you on how to hunt for and land paying work as a programmer, how to interview, and they even help you solve and understand code challenges.

They offer two courses, one in web development which is 50 units (50 one on ones, 50 groups sessions and job assistance) and they are now also offering a 100 unit software engineer course which includes the web development course, and goes into languages like Haskell and Clojure and Go. Both courses have abundant amounts of data structures, algorithms and other computer science topics.

The languages you can learn at Devschool include: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, Markdown, JSON, Haskell, Clojure, and Go. They also teach React, Angular, Rails, Sinatra, relational databases like Postgresql and non-relatrional databses like Mongo.

At Devschool, you graduate when you get a job, you don't graduate and then flounder looking for a job.

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Devschool programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Bootcamp Cities: Puerto Vallarta, Remote Duration: 12-16 weeks Cost: $5988 covers the course and job placement

At Devschool, the amount of time you are in the program depends on how much time you can invest each week and how long it takes to find find work, as you graduate when you get hired. Most students finish in about 4-6 months and the avaerage graduate salary is $69,600 nation-wide and many graduates get remote work.

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