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Founders & Coders are building a community of highly skilled women and men who want to improve the world through technology. In the process they are going against the status quo - running a free full-time, 16 week bootcamp.

Their highly effective peer-led model of learning attracts exceptional women and men from all over the world. From their last two courses, all but one of their graduates is now working as a software developer (the only one who isn't went back to finish their PHD). 36% of their graduates were women.

Founders & Coders support themselves entirely through voluntary contributions of their alumni, placement fees from employers and spin off companies set up by their graduates and others involved in their community.

Since Founders & Coders has no tuition, you can apply for free here.

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Founders & Coders programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Bootcamp Cities: London Duration: 16 weeks Cost: free

Founders & Coders courses are based around a series of increasingly difficult, open ended, group based projects - interspersed with expert run workshops on specific topics. They rely heavily on a network of talented alumni to help them run one of the most difficult courses in Europe.

Founders & Coders reviews

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