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Like its name suggests, this bootcamp is all about building mobile apps for iOS. No, seriously, they say that within the first 5 weeks you will have built at least 25 small iPhone apps. Don't panic, before you even show up, you will complete more than 30 hours of pre-work material to prepare you for this task. The other weeks of the program are dedicated to building a bigger app on a team. You get to pitch and vote on app ideas, so the projects themselves should be engaging. You will also learn about development technique like agile software development and QA during those three weeks. The bootcamp ends with a Meet the Makers Open House where your apps are shown off.

As for the day to day, you should expect to spend Monday through Thursday morning learning in class and then the afternoon and evenings working on Challenges to develop the skills you learn. On Friday, you basically recap and review the past week. They also offer a Weekend Hack which makes the Challenge from that week more complex.

Applying is easy, fill out the online application and if they are interested, they will follow up to schedule and in-person or virtual interview. A few things to note, you need to have a Mac and you should have an Apple mobile device as well.

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Mobile Makers Academy programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Bootcamp Cities: Chicago, San Francisco Duration: 8 weeks Cost: $12,995 in SF and $10,995 in Chicago

The Mobile Makers Academy’s eight-week bootcamp, with campuses in Chicago and San Francisco, teaches students the ins and outs of creating awesome iPhone and iPad apps. The bootcamp also covers the art and science of building apps for other Apple mobile devices, including iPods. The Mobile Makers offers an extensive pre-bootcamp preparation curriculum, as well as opportunities to network with other students to find housing.

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