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Nashville Software School more so than many other bootcamps is all about community. Not just the tech community, but the Nashville tech community. This bootcamp is actually a community funded non-profit. Prior to 2014, the bootcamp was only available to Nashville residents, so expect to see a lot of local flavor, from the students in attendance to their hiring partners.

The school currently operates two bootcamps: one for Web Development Foundations and one for Software Development Foundations (centered around Ruby on Rails). Both are open to beginners. They break up their teachings into three main categories. You will receive intensive training through online tutorials, videos, classroom lectures, pair programming, solo programing, group programming and seminar discussions. Throughout this intensive training you will also receive mentorship from their staff. Finally, you will also be set up with apprenticeships. They work with a number of partner companies to provide you with internships and projects to get hands on experience.

Applying is super straight forward. Fill out the application online, and if they are interested they will schedule a video or in-person interview. Expect to hear back about if you got an interview within a week and to have the actual interview 2-3 weeks after sending in your application. Also good to note is that they include a long list of qualification or things they want to see in their applicants on their apply page.

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Nashville Software School programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Developer Bootcamp Cities: Nashville Duration: 24 weeks Cost: $10,500

Nashville Software School, a six-month program, prepares its graduates for careers as junior-level web developers. The program’s length is due to its apprenticeship component. At least 90% of Nashville Software School graduates have found jobs shortly after graduation.

Nashville Software School reviews

4.0 / 5

2 reviews

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  • Eric Denton's review

    I first started thinking about a career change a few years ago, when it became clear to me that my career track options in Nashville were becoming more and more limited; with 13+ years experience as a Graphic Designer/Photography Retoucher in a town that pumps out Designers and Photographers from a multitude of local schools, I felt the options disappearing and that something had to be done. I found out about Nashville Software School from a friend who was planning on attending NSS a few months later. I went to one of their monthly "Information Sessions" and fell in love with the outlook and prospects. I applied that night! I am so happy I did. Make no mistake; this place is hard. Do the pre-work (I would suggest planning on spending about 80 hours on pre-work), read, watch videos, go down interesting rabbit-holes, and get to know your classmates. Use your time and resources wisely and ask a MILLION questions. It's all on you. Again, I couldn't suggest this school any higher and I would definitely suggest checking out one of their Information Sessions! Good luck!

    Answered by Eric Denton on October 9th, 2016

  • David Shoup's review

    This Thinkful page is where I first heard about Nashville Software School (NSS), and I chose it due to its proximity. NSS' curriculum material presentation was very good and saved much searching on my own. While one of the instructors was a superb gentleman, the behavior of some other staff members was less than professional, even rude. Subject matter experts, especially in a career field known for nerds, geeks, and dweebs, do not always possess the people and didactic skills of a good teacher. In the complicated process of learning web development, true teaching skills are absolutely essential for the instructors. NSS’ estimates of the time needed to take the pre-arrival study were grossly inaccurate; no one in my cohort had completed them on the first day of class. Also I would have spent much more time taking online courses before I arrived, if I had known that the students were expected to arrive more than half trained. For students and instructors to bring their canines to class was less than appropriate in a professional environment. The touted "mentorship" was nonexistent; the mentors were almost never at the school, and some were most resentful to be contacted by a student. NSS was not a total wash, but I would have reconsidered my training options, time, and money, if I had known exactly what the NSS experience was going to be.

    Answered by David Shoup on August 23rd, 2016

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Posted by BkpRopYZ on May 8th, 2020


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I need to know what the pre-work is for the 6 month full stack program I had already been accepted into Iron Yard and they shut down I have been to one of the night time intro sessions. I REALLY< REALLY need this opportunity !!! How do I make sure that I get an in person interview ?? Thanx, Michael

Posted by Michael on October 12th, 2017


Complete the Full-Stack Developer Course on Treehouse. Make sure to learn as much javascript as possible. Complete the books... - A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript by Mark Myers - A Smarter Way to Learn HTML, CSS by Mark Myers This is the pre-work required for out 2017 class. They look for students who work hard, are persistent and are not "a-holes."

Answered by bob on October 29th, 2017

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