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The New York Code + Design Academy (NYCDA) got its start by hosting evening classes teaching people how to code. Those classes were mostly targeted towards students who wanted the basics or were just trying to sharpen certain skills. To provide students a more comprehensive programming education, they've now started teaching their Web Development intensive course.

Before class even begins, you will get access to about 30 hours of pre-work including readings and online workshops. In the class, you will learn Front End languages and Ruby on Rails through a variety of teaching methods including lecture, pair programming, programming individually, attending workshops, listening to guest speakers, visiting startups, and participating in tech MeetUps. At a minimum, you will complete 1 individual and 3 group projects.

One of the most unique features of this bootcamp is the mentorship program they offer. They have teamed up with Everwise to provide every student a mentor. This mentor is someone currently working at a startup or technology company. These mentors will assist students with pre-work, touch base with them throughout the course as an advisor and act as a career coach after the bootcamp session is complete.

There are 2-3 main instructors for the course. One of these main instructors will be present for each lesson depending on the topic and the instructor's specialization. There will also be TA's supporting learning in the class. The average class size will be 20 students.

They are continuing to build out their hiring network, but if you have an interest in Media this would be a great place to start. They count Wired, Conde Nast, Bauer Media Group and The Orchard among their hiring partners.

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The New York Code + Design Academy programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Development Intensive Cities: New York Duration: 12 weeks Cost: $10,000

The New York Code + Design Academy 12 Week Web Development intensive is designed to transform students with no coding experience into entry-level full-stack developers. This hands-on, project based workshop immerses you in code and develops the skills you need to build dynamic and versatile web applications.

The New York Code + Design Academy reviews

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Hi, I am strongly considering taking this course, and I just wanted to feel around and see if they really go deep into backend coding to the point that you are ready for an entry level position as a developer. Thanks

Posted by Ber Cohen on December 8th, 2016


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