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The Omaha Code School is focused on creating well rounded developers. While the program will certainly be rigorous and you will learn a lot about programming, they feel that there is more to it than practicing for loops (don't worry, you'll know what those are soon). Omaha Code School will teach you how to lead a balanced life while learning to code and how to be a part of the developer community.

Like most bootcamps, you should expect to complete a number of different prework activities to prepare for the program. During the actual bootcamp, you will learn to program by completing 2-4 personal projects as well as working on open source projects. Of note, the founder of the bootcamp has been working on an open source project to build up the tech community in the Silicon Prairie. Students are able to contribute to the site to build up their open source cred as well as becoming more involved in the local tech community.

I didn't forget about the well rounded part. Not only will you be working with developers at Omaha Code School, you will also work with designers, business leaders, and a yoga mentor to make sure that you skills and life are balanced at the bootcamp and after as well.

It's not just about having great developers around you, but having great teachers. The instructor has always has had an underlying desire to teach. While in college he dropped out to pursue a job opportunity as a web developer. While working as a developer, he was approached by a bootcamp to teach their Front End Development course. He loved the way that teaching at a programming bootcamp combined his love of teaching and web development so he decide to start one of his own.

Specifically, he wanted to start the bootcamp back at home in Omaha. Not only is there a growing local tech scene, but he raves about the great quality of life. The local flavor shows through in Omaha Code School's network in the Silicon Prairie.

Ready to get started? The Omaha Code School application is pretty straight forward. You will submit an application with some basic questions about who you are and what you want to achieve as well as answer a programming challenge. You will be judged on the coding challenge by your level of success, but also the effort and thought you put into answering the questions.

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Omaha Code School programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Bootcamp Cities: Omaha Duration: 12 weeks Cost: $7,500

Omaha Code School, located in Nebraska, prepares students to become web developers in its 12-week bootcamp. Students will participate in more than 800 hours of hands-on training, and will develop portfolios of at least two projects. Omaha Code School’s program includes field trips, guest speakers, and exclusive job leads.

Omaha Code School reviews

5.0 / 5

1 reviews

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  • Courtney's review

    I'm a graduate of Code School's Enfield class. I cannot say enough great things about Omaha Code School. I was accepted into Code School with very little coding experience in only straight html. The faculty are the most patient and thought provoking instructors I have ever experienced. They help you to break down seemingly complex concepts into workable algorithms while encouraging your own thought processes to solve the problem your way. This course gave me all of the knowledge necessary to graduate as a junior level developer with a good foundation of knowledge in front-end and back-end programming. Part of the course also focused on the job application process including writing resumes and prepping for interviews. You are far from "thrown to the wolves" after graduation. All of the faculty and staff at Code School encourage students to come back during open house hours to work on applications, projects, or coding challenges. I still maintain strong relationships with many of the people I graduated with. I'm currently a web programmer working for WoodmenLife.

    Answered by Courtney on September 6th, 2016

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