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Los Angeles, Newport Beach

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The "Top Coding Bootcamp in Los Angeles" as ranked by CIO Magazine, specifically designed for exceptionally motivated individuals looking to break into the tech industry.

Sabio cultivates and nurtures exceptional tech talent by providing a real world experience by having their cohorts build MVP's for startups during their 3 month immersive training program. They boast a 95% job placement while most of their graduating Fellows receive job offers within 6 weeks of graduation.

Their training is focused around small classrooms, low student-to-teacher ratios and agile software development methodologies.

According to LinkedIn, their staff averages over 13 years of professional development experience. A figure that surpasses every other training program in their area.

Unlike any other training program in the nation, they offer a 5 year professional training program comprised of technical training sessions, speaker workshops, hackathons and individual mentorship sessions provided online and in-person.

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Sabio programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Full Stack Cities: Los Angeles, Newport Beach Duration: 12 weeks Cost: $14,500

Sabio’s full stack immersive program prepares you to launch a career in software development or your own startup. Our students have gone on to work in variety of industries and company sizes large and small. They have also been hired as software engineers in a variety of stacks not just the stack of study. You will find the Fellows are hackathons throughout the nation where they compete with seasoned professionals and often win.

Sabio reviews

1.0 / 5

2 reviews

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  • dont go's review

    This is an awful school. the videos made by Gregorio (co-founder) are so difficult to follow, the wait times to have a question answered get longer as you progress, the assessments un subjectively graded, the stats they provide in your contract are false- their on-time graduation rate is much lower than they advertise. It is not worth the time or money- I would look into another school. The reason you wont see a lot of negative reviews on this school is because they target students who post reviews, single them out and then post lies on slack channels for the rest of the students to see. It is an incredibly unprofessional family-ran business. If you have an issue, they will not help you because they are biased. There are numerous students who have experienced the condescending talks with the co-founder and CEO- which are husband and wife. However, like I said, you wont hear about it, because they will get rid of you before you can say anything.

    Answered by dont go on June 21st, 2022

  • no sam's review

    I am sure the instructors know how to write code an and develop websites, but teaching students to do the same is not their strong suit. The entire class felt like an online session. Something you didn't need to sit 4 hours in a classroom to learn. In fact, 60% of class time was spent researching the answers for oneself because the instructions and directions were not clearly written or stated. Receiving any viable information from the instructors about the course material was comparable to grasping at straws. The instructors seemed to play the course by ear, rather surprising students with tests instead of scheduling them as a professional course in college would. If they spent as much time teaching their students how to code as they do making rap videos the course would actually be worth the money. I would not recommend this course in the future to anyone else unless under new leadership.

    Answered by no sam on March 15th, 2018

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How is a typical workweek? Do you have a life outside of class? And how is job searching post graduation?

Posted by Jimmy Hampton on May 29th, 2018


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