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At nine months, Starter School (run by Starter League) is by far the longest bootcamp out there. The program is broken up into 12 week quarters with a different theme for each quarter. In the first quarter, you will build a prototype of an application you want built. This means you should expect heavy rails and front end programming training during this phase. The second quarter is devoted to designing a great user experience for your app. You will dive deeper into front end programming languages and begin learning design fundamentals. The last phase is understanding the business side to your application. Think about this phase as project and product management training.

You will learn all of these skills through a variety of means. As far as programming and design, there is a lot of one-on-one mentorship provided and a number of hackathons hosted to give you practice with coding skills. In terms of business skills, you'll visit a number of top technology companies to get insight into their work places. The overall class is pretty large (almost 60 students). The class is broken up into two smaller groups for morning exercises and then brought together in the evening.

One interesting thing about this bootcamp is its association with the company 37signals. 37signals creates tools to enable better communication and workflows in companies. They invested in Starter League, the parent company of Starter School in 2012. A number of mentors and instructors from the school are employees at 37signals and some material like the prework was generated by people who work at 37 Signals.

The application process is simply to apply online and get accepted for and in- person or phone interview. There might be a second interview depending on circumstances.

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Starter League programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Development Cities: Chicago Duration: 10 weeks Cost: $8,000

The Starter League, based in Chicago, welcomes beginners into its full-time, 10-week web development bootcamp. The program features plenty of hands-on projects as well as coaching and mentorship for each student. Starter League graduates will leave with professional expertise in how to build innovative applications that actually solve problems.

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