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The Startup Institute isn't so much about teaching you how to program as it is about teaching you to be a successful member of a start-up.They have a core curriculum composed mostly of career and emotional intelligence material (which you should plan to spend 3+ weeks on) and then you break off into your learning track. Each learning track has a varying amount of programming from zero to a ton.

The core curriculum itself is pretty interesting. It is designed to help you think about your career by making you answer questions about your professional story and weaknesses. More tangibly, this piece consists of what Start-up Institute calls Hackidea. In the first week you are there you will spend 24 hours working with a non-profit from the area to help them solve a pressing problem they have been having. Additionally, as part of the core curriculum you will work on a team capstone project which is essentially a project for a start-up that you work on throughout the entire program. You will spend about 20 hours a week on the project which includes spending a full day on-site at the start-up.

In addition to this core curriculum, each student applies to and is accepted into a specific track. There are four tracks total and you will play the role of your track in the Capstone Project Team. Each track varies in the amount of programming you will get. In the sales and account management track, you'll get no programming experience. However, there is a pretty cool Ultimate Sales Challenge where you get actual experience selling a product from nurturing a customer relationship to the final sale. The Technical Marketing Track begins to get into some programming (HTML, CSS, SQL), but expect it to be more SEO than not. The Product and Design track inches you even closer by teaching you HTML CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and Javascript, but expect this track to be more Product Manager skills than programming. The final track Web Development, is the good stuff if you specifically want to learn to program. That being said, they want you have have strong experience in a back end programming language other than Ruby on Rails before you are accepted into this track.

The online application deadlines are a little bit more complicated than most bootcamps so bear with me a bit. There are three different application deadlines, each called a different round. In the first round, if you apply and meet the minimum requirements, you are given a live interview. Round two is actually more of a rolling application (first come, first serve). The earlier you apply in round two the better. Finally, in round three you are applying for any remaining spots or for the next date of the program.

After you make it throught the online application (whichever round you end up being in), you will have two interviews. The first is an interview with an alumni of the program and is considered more of a fit and informational interview. If the alumni thinks you are a good fit, you then get a second skill based interview with a member of the Startup Institute team. You apply for a specific track so make sure you keep that in mind if you are only interested in learning to program. However, their other programs very comprehensively teach business skills so it might not hurt to take a gander if you are open to learning things in addition to programming.

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Startup Institute programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Web Development Cities: Boston, Chicago, New York Duration: 8 weeks Cost: $7,100

Startup Institute’s three campuses – San Francisco, New York, and Chicago – all provide eligible students with eight-week bootcamps in web development. The program ends with a Talent Expo, where soon-to-be-graduates literally have a chance to sell their skills in front of industry hiring professionals. At least 88% of Startup Institute graduates say they love their new careers a lot more than their previous jobs.

Program: Web Design Cities: Boston, Chicago, New York Duration: 8 weeks Cost: $7,100

After the Startup Institute’s eight-week web design bootcamp, graduates will be trained in front-end development, interface design, and user-centered principles. Startup Institute students will not only have the necessary skill sets in HTML, CSS, CSS3, and JavaScript, but also career advice and portfolios to present. The program has locations in New York City, Boston, and Chicago.

Startup Institute reviews

5.0 / 5

3 reviews

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  • Keith Johnson's review

    Startup Institute will supply you with extremely useful resources and an amazing network. These will allow you to get a spot in the tech industry. But SI isn't just concerned with getting you the next job. It's concerned with getting you the job after that, and the job after that, etc. After going to Startup Institute, you WILL have a permanent spot in the tech industry so long as you put in the effort. For the web development program - if you're a Ruby on Rails novice, don't expect to be an expert once you get out of the program. It's not about learning the technology from the ground up. Instead, focus on completing a tangible project that demonstrates your skills. This would typically come in the form of a Ruby on Rails webapp. As such, you should come into Startup Institute with some preliminary knowledge. If you don't have that, you should at least complete an online course (I believe SI gives you a One Month subscription). You will work with your instructors and mentors in order to develop said project. At the same time, you will make use of the network in order to set up coffee chats and interviews. This is a TON of work, so you should expect to be putting in 60-70 hours a week. One thing - Startup Institute assigns you to an existing startup company in which you will be doing a project for them. If that project is sufficiently technical (it may not), that can be your dedicated project that was mentioned above. I wouldn't suggest working on more than one project throughout the program.

    Answered by Keith Johnson on August 25th, 2017

  • Jorge's review

    After come from another country and have no idea how things work in America, I could learn a lot about soft skills, Job hunting, and how startups work in Boston. Startup Institute also help me to make enough connections to land a Job two weeks after the course finish. My experience was great and I don't regret anything about going.

    Answered by Jorge on January 30th, 2017

  • Johnil's review

    I thoroughly enjoyed SI. Startup Institute uses real industry professionals in its instruction, and teaches valuable skills that you won't get from other bootcamps. I had a job before the program was over.

    Answered by Johnil on January 9th, 2017

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