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4.6 / 5

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Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Remote, San Diego, Washington DC

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Thinkful combines an in-depth, project-based approach with 1-on-1 sessions every week. This program is built to land beginners their first developer job. You'll work side-by-side with a professional developer building interactive websites and apps. Your mentor will customize each phase of the course, so you can learn other JavaScript frameworks and build advanced capstone projects from scratch. You'll also gain valuable real-world experience working in a team setting as you collaborate with other students over GitHub and Slack.

Thinkful has two different web development programs. The Full Stack Flex program is unique among bootcamps in that it achieves the same end goals while remaining compatible with students' normal job schedules. In the full-time Engineering Immersion program, Thinkful students spend all day learning for 17 weeks straight. At this level of immersion, students require constant support, and are surrounded by a team of instructors, TA's, 1-on-1 mentors, as well as their classmates.

In select cities, Thinkful leverages local networks to match students with mentors at top companies in their area. Currently, students in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Washington D.C., can attend Thinkful-sponsored meetups and get an early beachhead into both cities' tech markets.

Thinkful provides scholarships to all self-identifying women and military veterans of $100 per month for Full Stack Flex students and $200 per month for Full Time Web Development students. The school provides these in collaboration with Girl Code It, MotherCoders, and Operation Code. The women's scholarship can be redeemed using this link and the veteran's scholarship can be redeemed here.

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Thinkful programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Full Stack Flex program Cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Remote, San Diego, Washington DC Duration: 6 months Cost: $1,500 per month

Our Full Stack Flex program provides an in-depth, project-based approach with three 1-on-1 mentor sessions per week. This bootcamp is built to land beginners their first developer job without having to quit their existing one like all offline programs. In this fully online program you'll work side-by-side with a professional developer building interactive websites and apps. Your mentor will customize each phase of the course, so you can learn other JavaScript frameworks and build advanced capstone projects from scratch. You'll also gain valuable real-world experience working in a team setting as you collaborate with other students over GitHub and Slack.

Program: Flexible Data Science Bootcamp Cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Remote, San Diego, Washington DC Duration: 6 months Cost: $1,500 per month, $500 prep course, prep course tuition is applied to bootcamp tuition upon acceptance.

Thinkful's data science bootcamp is driven by 1-on-1 mentorship. Students learn the skills they need to get a job by working closely with a professional data scientist. That includes programming in Python, related Python packages for analysis, modeling, and machine learning like NumPy, SciPy, pandas, and scikit-learn; plus data visualization tools like matplotlib, seaborn, and Jupyter. Thinkful students get ahead with a mentor-personalized experience, customizing their learning path and focusing on the skills they need. Students meet with their mentor three times a week for an hour each session to learn best practices, receive constant feedback, and move quickly.

Program: Engineering Immersion Cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Remote, San Diego, Washington DC Duration: 4 months Cost: $14,000

Thinkful’s full-time Engineering Immersion shares the same in-depth, project based approach of the Flexible pace. The main difference is that the Full Time pace pushes students to become web developers in 17 weeks and requires over 40 hours of effort per week. The fully online program features constant support, as students interact with their classmates, instructors, and mentors. Each student has a dedicated mentor, who they meet with daily 1-on-1 for half an hour.

The course teaches students full-stack JavaScript and features a “flex week,” in which students learn different technologies, including Ruby and Python. Students also use industry-standard collaboration tools such as GitHub and Slack.

Thinkful reviews

4.6 / 5

15 reviews

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  • Geoff M's review

    It was wonderful! Having my mentoring sessions when I was stuck really helped me accelerate my learning. Additionally, I work strange hours with my hotel job so it was great to have around the clock Q+A session for even more support. They say that Thinkful was designed for people trying to balance a job and it clearly shows! Keep up the good work!

    Answered by Geoff M on June 7th, 2018

  • Maria's review

    I had a very bad experience with Thinkful. My mentor was really great though, as a person and as an amazing professional in his field, which is why I am giving him 5 stars. Actually, all mentors that crossed my path were really great. I started the program in September 2017. In good faith, I paid up front the whole amount for the Web Development Flex program (bad idea, as it turned out). Everything was fine for five months, until I discovered that none of my two program managers (PM) were aware of my falling behind. So after five months, I finaly recieved my graduation trajectory, after asking for it for weeks. Well, it was there all along, it just wasn't shared with me. I was one month behind. There was no way that I would finish in time. My second PM told me that I would have to pay monthly until I finish the program, in addition to what I already paid. I was really upset about this. Few days later, they broke the contract and accused me of yelling and insulting the staff. Absolutely ridiculous. I am a firm person, I know what I want and I know what is fair and what is not. I don't have to be pleasant when I am presented with this mess. I invested $8000 in this and I wanted to get what was promised to me. But, this was one-way deal, it was their way or the highway, which is fine, but they also kept my money, which is not fine. Miss-worded policy During the one-week back and forth between me and my PMs that were not hepful at all, and if I didn't ask million of questions, while trying to learn and code (I basicaly did their job), I would not even know the protocol concerning the pause days. So I finally looked at their pause days policy and asked about that, and so my PM told me that the policy is miss-worded and I did not understand it correctly. Also, my PM said that she told me that I haven't been investing enough time in my projects during our meeting. That conersation never occured. I called her out on that and she appologized. I accepted the apology. Attempt to resolve my problem, There was one attempt during the video phonecall, where we came up with a plan and continued to work together. By the way, it is during this cideo phonecall that they said I yelled and insulted the staff. We continued to work normally after this, at no point did they say to me that I was yelling or insulting. I remember us smiling, discussing, also my husband was in the room, he tought it went well. Really strange, but also dishonest, in my opinion, to later deem this conversation to be disrespectful. I think that if somone was yelling and insulting me, I would ask them to stop right away, why go for 30 min with me yelling and insulting? That makes no sense. Also during the same call we reached a plan, that they would change a day later without consulting me. Again very autocratic. They said that there were multiple attempts to solve my problem that they caused. but there was one and in the period of exactly two days, and that one went from bad to worse. Dismissal letter Few days after the video call, I recieved the letter, I wrote the letter of apoogy, because they, in my opinion, held my investment hostage, I felt emotionally draned after dealing with them. I really had nothing to apologize for, as I received no apologies from them for being in my predicament. As other things in my experience with Thinkful, my apology fell on deaf ears, but I had to accept their apologies for fabrications, "miss-worded" policies, resolution plans that they kept changing. Actually my graduation date changed twice. In this whole process, I asked the student support manager to call me, he did not communicate with me at all. Just with his staff that was at fault. They did not want to hear from the student. The thing is I had a major red flag when I read their term of service and the learning contract, they are both extremely one-sided and autocratic. Where is the respect for my investment? Should I have just pay more, accept the solutions to my problem that were detremental to me? They said that their employees felt bullied by me, but they just went along with it and did not write a formal complaint, why didn't they? I feel bullied in that they dismissed me like I was their employee but kept my money. So, I ended up paying $5300 for the following: -no job guarnantee, or a job or a chance to obtain a job with the their help. -no full stack knowledge, -I got nothing out of the course that I can monetize, because I am that absolute beginner that did really well, but that was of no concern to the support manager. I needed job assistance, help with portfolio. - mentorship, that I didn't purchase, or consented to purchase. I purchased the whole program. -forceful withdrawal, because they were sick of my questions and requests as a paying customer. The only reason why I decided to go with Thinkful is because of the job guarantee and because of all these great coursereport data. My problem lies only with the administrative part of Thnkful, this was just not a good fit, I don't like relaxed policies or the idea that somone has an autcratic control over my investment of thousands of dollars. I deeply regret ever investing in my education through Thinkful.

    Answered by Maria on April 5th, 2018

  • cody b's review

    I spent a long time looking at bootcamps, did my research, and ended up going with Thinkful. They have handmade coursework, are using the most up-to-date web technologies, worked with my schedule (quitting my day job was not an option), and they truly cared about helping me make the career change. Couldn't be happier.

    Answered by cody b on April 22nd, 2017

  • Andrew's review

    I researched tons of bootcamps extensively before choosing Thinkful, and now it seems like a no-brainer. The mentor-based approach works to perfection. There are undoubtedly times when learning on your own will result in spinning wheels for hours on end, and Thinkful is the perfect solution for that. Having an experienced developer as your dedicated mentor is the most valuable resource when learning software development. My mentor has taught me to think like an engineer as opposed to just regurgitating lines of code. The various workshops and resources within the Thinkful community are also very helpful, making it easy to collaborate and learn. The curriculum goes far beyond just learning frameworks (the perceivable "easy" way to code) and instead teaches you how to solve problems like an engineer.

    Answered by Andrew on January 27th, 2017

  • Aaron's review

    My experience with Thinkful has been top notch. The curriculum is laid out nicely and advances at a steady pace. My mentor has been wonderful in guiding me and aiding me in my learning. Another thing I love about Thinkful is that you have the entire community of students and mentors to go to for help.

    Answered by Aaron on January 22nd, 2017

  • Yulia's review

    I've been working for tech companies my whole life, but I was mostly performing Marketing & Sales tasks. Coding had my interest, but I wasn't sure that I could be good in it. I started going through free coding courses out of curiosity some time ago and felt that I had no needed push after studying syntax basics. The beginning is easy, but there was no way I would pass through 'the desert of despair' - the step when you start writing code yourself ..and see it's much more difficult than you would think while doing first steps. I googled for the best bootcamps and Thinkful quickly got on top of my list. I'm very happy I've started it! It was a bit easier in the beginning because I already knew the very basics (I recommend to study a bit before that so that you can spend time on more interesting task - coding). A huge plus of Thinkful is frequent online sessions with mentors. My mentor, Joshua, has endless patience and knows how to lead you through your struggle making you think and not giving direct answers - that's basically how one learns. Coding is tough, but I see progress and I no longer have doubts it will work out.

    Answered by Yulia on January 16th, 2017

  • Matt M.'s review

    My mentor has incredibly helpful and supportive and a great resource throughout the course. I've had a great time working with him and will really miss our regular meetings. The course has helped me really develop my skills and gain a great deal of confidence in myself as a developer, and I look forward to attending the workshops and continuing my growth.

    Answered by Matt M. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Eloisa G.'s review

    I truly appreciated this course, but unfortunately I cannot continue due to financial reasons. If I ever get a chance to return, I would definitely do so.

    Answered by Eloisa G. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Sylwia Z.'s review

    I achieved more than I thought I could in only 2 months with Thinkful, so it was a great confidence-booster and great way to enter the field of development. Although the material on the Thinkful site wasn't always beginner-friendly, the mentor sessions were essential in my learning and that's what I benefited from the most. Also because my mentor was so awesome. He broke down all the material in a simpler way, explained in detail, and always encouraged creativity. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Answered by Sylwia Z. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Yeondam P.'s review

    It is really good format that having a meeting with mentor however I think, at least for me as a beginner I needed more explanation and more example when It explain about new things. It is kind a hard to do project without do little research. But I really enjoy learning at Thinkful.

    Answered by Yeondam P. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Mark M.'s review

    I can't express how important and valuable my time with my mentor has been. He has helped me with big things and little things I would have never thought to ask. He is a great teacher. The curriculum is important and points you in a specific direction, and I get that it allows you to learn in a real world environment, but I would like a little more guidance. Maybe a little more hand holding, and explaining in a broken down format. Please don't get me wrong, I am learning a ton. It is already a 'good' format. There are just a couple steps to make it 'great'. But this is just my opinion, I'm sure someone else would say something completely different.

    Answered by Mark M. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Jose S.'s review

    I just got a job as a junior front end developer and I will be starting that next week.

    Answered by Jose S. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Aaron A.'s review

    Hands down one of the best mentors I have come across here at Thinkful. My mentor never fails to follow up with me. I also enjoy the fact that he actually reviews my code, and quizzes me on the curriculum. He also does an awesome job of answering any questions I have.

    Answered by Aaron A. on August 22nd, 2016

  • Christian S.'s review

    A little bit more structure with the curriculum, but overall it was the best learning experience I've had, even after college.

    Answered by Christian S. on August 22nd, 2016

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Is this available in chapel hill, nc

Posted by Andy Hanna on July 12th, 2018


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Do you accept younger students (i.e. high schoolers)? Would this be a good program for a somewhat beginner coder in high school?

Posted by Lucas Arango on July 9th, 2018


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I am interested in learning about the process

Posted by Bermet Jamankulova on May 11th, 2018


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Hi My son is going to take Python classes with Thinkful once a week starting in summer 2018. He is at 7th grade and we are in San Diego area. Would you please let me know if it is possible to have this class with thinkful? if so, how much would it be? Thank you very much Shaghayegh Pournazeri

Posted by Shagha on March 8th, 2018


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How well did this program help you prepare a portfolio (or more specifically, projects that you can add to your portfolio)? I'm an experienced engineer with some success learning web development on my own. My interest in a bootcamp is to get feedback on my work and to build a portfoiio. Thanks for your thoughts!

Posted by barbara prusiewicz on March 6th, 2018


No answers yet.

How good are the mentors and the curriculum for the Data Science Bootcamp? Do you feel supported enough in your journey?

Posted by Jof on February 2nd, 2018


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On average how many weeks would it take to com this Part Time and how much would the total cost be. Also is there Ruby on Rails?

Posted by Chris Beyer on July 25th, 2017


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Does Thinkful's bootcamp program include ReactJS?

Posted by Simon on July 4th, 2017


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What kind of career services are offered to graduates?

Posted by Aaron Samuel on June 28th, 2017


No answers yet.

What is tuition price?

Posted by Chris on April 26th, 2017


No answers yet.

Question 1: What are all the tools are covered in this course? Such as javaScript? Ruby? PHP? .NET? I want to pre-study the areas covered before I enroll. Question 2: does the course cover: (1) collecting and presenting and analyzing usage metrics for a website, (2) how to manage membership for a membership required website (also security to block squatters, and (3) how to connect and manage Paypal and credit card payments for a subscription website?

Posted by David Shoup on March 20th, 2017


No answers yet.

What was your favorite part of the course?

Posted by Catherine on September 1st, 2016


No answers yet.

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