Career prep and placement

We built job prep into the core
of our bootcamps.

We knew that in order to build an online school that delivered results, we had to rethink job prep and placement. Too often, getting hired is viewed as an afterthought. At Thinkful, job prep is taught as a skill you practice with 1-on-1 help and feedback. It's the foundation of our Web Development Bootcamp and Data Science Bootcamp and it starts in your first week.

Learn to network

You'll begin expanding your professional network after your full admission. We'll help you spend time at the right meetups and events where your future colleagues already hang out.

Master the interview

Interviewing takes practice, but too often candidates don't prepare. Throughout your course, you'll have five interviews with hiring managers that will test your knowledge and your approach to problem solving. After each mock interview, you will receive a follow up with feedback for next time.

Find the job

Once you graduate you'll be ready for the job hunt, and that's when your Career Coach at Thinkful joins your team. For six months, we'll help you apply to positions near you. If you’re not placed within 6 months of graduation, you’ll get your money back.

Benjy Schechner, Education Advisor
What are your career goals?

Benjy can explain how our combination of technical training and job prep helps you land your dream job.

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Master the interview

Learn to interview and get feedback from hiring experts.

Practice interviews throughout the course help you articulate what you've learned. Each interview is led by a mentor whose current job includes hiring programmers.

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1st mock interview Basic frontend knowledge
What's the difference between Git and GitHub?
2nd mock interview JavaScript concepts
What is prototypal inheritance? How does it work?
3rd mock interview Culture fit questions
What types of job responsibilities do you find to be the most frustrating?
4th mock interview Advanced knowledge
What is callback hell? How can it be avoided?
Keith Anderson, Thinkful grad

Thank you for sharing your bounds of experience in negotiating and selling myself to companies. I think it has helped me portray myself more confidently to the team at Google.

Keith Anderson, Thinkful grad
Find the job
After graduation, receive 6 months of 1-on-1 support.

Our career coaches will meet with you midway through the course to get a sense of your professional goals and skills. Then after graduation, as you begin your search, you will work closely with the team to target the companies you want to work for in your city, reply to introductions, and go to interviews.

How we will help get you hired

I’m ready to help you find work in your city. I’ll introduce you to hiring managers and make sure your resume and portfolio are ready to go.

Liz Parsekian, Career Services Manager at Thinkful

Liz Parsekian

Career Services Manager

Matt Morris, Thinkful grad

Grae and Liz continue to be excellent resources in my job search. Transitioning to a completely new field is a bit scary, and they have helped ease that greatly. I really appreciate Thinkful for offering such a robust and involved post graduation, career search program, because I feel like I would have felt a bit lost were I just plugging away at this on my own.

Matt Morris, Thinkful grad
Career prep works
The proof is in our hired students.

Graduates have been hired in cities as large as San Francisco, CA and as small as Pensacola, FL. Unlike traditional bootcamp hiring networks, we’ll make sure you land a job close to home.

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