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“I had tried learning iOS multiple times and found that it was close to impossible. I bought books, courses and watched YouTube videos to no avail. Thinkful's curriculum and my mentor broke things down in a step by step manner and catered to the fact that I had never written a line of code before. The iOS Thinkful community has evolved and now there are even more resources for new students to get help and even learn subjects outside of the curriculum. Learning to code is tough, but having a community of peers makes this process a lot easier.”

Julian Moncada, Analyst, Lerer Hippeau Ventures
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  • Meet with an experienced iOS developer every week for 45 minutes over video chat to help you learn faster
  • Gain real-world experience by building your first iOS apps in Swift 3 and publishing them to the App Store
  • Customize your learning path with your mentor based on your career goals and learning style
  • Study from anywhere in the world at your own pace. On average, students finish the coursework in 3 months after studying 10-15 hours a week

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Go from idea to App Store
Build your first iOS app with your mentor

The App Store is the chosen platform for the world’s most ground-breaking developers: from Snapchat to Venmo, Words with Friends to Vine. They all came to iOS first. In 2014 Apple announced Swift, the language that will power all future apps on iOS. Starting with the basics of Xcode and programming in Swift 3, you'll master view controllers and table views — the building blocks of all iOS apps. You’ll learn the fundamentals of iOS app development as you complete eight projects (including a published App) with 1-on-1 help from a professional Swift developer. And yes - you must have access to an iPhone and Mac laptop for this course.

A clear path to success
Life as a Thinkful student

1-on-1 mentorship

Work with an experienced iOS developer to learn best practices, get feedback on your work, and fix difficult bugs.

Project-based curriculum

Learn by building mobile apps that increase in complexity and reflect real-world problems.

Group sessions

Join 40+ hours of Workshops and Q&A sessions every week. You'll have unlimited access as a Thinkful student.

Active community

Chat with other students, mentors, and alumni on Slack to get help instantly and learn best practices.

Your first day

Meet your mentor, access the curriculum, and join a community of 3000+ students and mentors on Slack. At Thinkful, the relationships you form with your mentor and peers help you learn faster.

During the course

Read less and build more. Each course is focused around projects to emulate real work and increase memory retention. And if you get stuck, ask your mentor or jump into daily Q&A Sessions.

Graduate on your schedule

Every Thinkful course is self-paced so there's no need to quit your job. Typically, students finish the iOS course in 3 months with a published app in the App Store and a portfolio. All graduates receive lifetime access to the course curriculum.

Look inside the course
See what you’ll learn.

Unit 1 - Introduction to programming in Swift 3

Concepts covered

Xcode, Swift, strings, variables, loops, conditionals, functions, basic operators, arrays, if/else switches, Sprite Kit, command line, GitHub

Project(s) you'll build

  • Llamas and Pajamas. Learn about values and data types and how to group code into blocks that perform specific tasks. Apply the skills you’ve learned thus far into a gaming framework called Sprite Kit and build out a fun iOS game.

Unit 2 - The building blocks of an iOS app

Concepts covered

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), classes, objects, UIView, initializers, instance methods, optionals, subclassing, structures, looping

Project(s) you'll build

  • Building Blocks of an iOS App. Gain an understanding of objects and Object-Oriented Programming. Both form the building blocks of Swift and will drive all your programming decisions. Learn to create visual shapes and UIView for a skeleton app.

Unit 3 - Building apps in Swift 3

Concepts covered

Sliders, buttons, textfields, navigation controls, troubleshooting & debugging, view controller, NSUserDefaults

Project(s) you'll build

  • First Swift App. Now that you understand the fundamentals of the Swift language and have done some error-handling, it's time to start building more complex apps. In this unit, you'll learn how to manipulate the user interface and debug your apps

Unit 4 - Take your Swift app to the next level

Concepts covered

Table view controllers, autoLayout, AFNetworking, APIs, SearchBar, images

Project(s) you'll build

  • Searching a Web Service. Drew upon what you learned about AFNetworking and APIs to call on image data from Instagram and display the images synchronously and asynchronously. You'll display these images so that they are scrollable. Next, you'll add interactivity by including a search bar for users to search for an Instagram image with any hashtag.

Unit 5 - Capstone project

Concepts covered

Wireframing, user testing, coding process, refactoring, publishing to App Store

Project(s) you'll build

  • Capstone Project. Build your own app from the ground up while mastering a development workflow - architect, code, get feedback, refactor - you can use throughout your entire career as a developer. Finally, you'll publish your finished iOS app in the App Store!
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Classes start every Wednesday

$500 per month
Enroll now

Love your first mentor session or your money back.

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