Your Thinkful Journey

After signing up for the UX/UI Design Intro Course above, we’ll walk you through the final steps needed to set up your Thinkful account. From there, you can immediately access your learning dashboard.

We’re here to help you become a Designer in just 6 months. And this is the first step. In this Intro Course, you’ll learn: The benefits of breaking into Design, what to expect when you enroll with Thinkful, UX/UI basics, and how to kickstart your career.

Part-time or full-time options available. Both UX/UI Design programs follow the same syllabus, and come with our industry-leading support network. 

Access to professional career coaches for 6 months after graduation. Tailored lists of jobs to apply for, mock interviews, and professional resume reviews. Best of all: a long-term career in a high-paying field.


  • The intro course is for everyone, no prior experience or knowledge is needed.

  • This course is your first step to a new, high-income career; introducing you to Thinkful, our curriculum, and what to expect on your journey.

  • The intro course is 100% free.

  • When you’re ready to enroll full-time, you can apply for one of our financing options. 

  • The benefits of breaking into UX/UI Design

  • What to expect when you enroll with Thinkful

  • Designers in action and the design process

  • How to kickstart your career  

  • Engage with the Intro Course as much as you'd like, then you can pick a financing option and begin the complete program experience.

  • After graduating, you'll have 6 months of career support to guide your job search, coach you to nail the interviews, and help you get hired in a job you love.