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Ace the tests.

Every candidate has passed multiple interviews assessing their skills in JavaScript programming and web development (most often with AngularJS, Node.js, and React), as well as their knowledge of common algorithms and data structures.

Produce value.

Thinkful developers do more than write code; they’ve each demonstrated the ability to solve problems with software, above and beyond building to a spec.

Work efficiently.

We assess the candidates’ time management and project management skills, looking for those who can not only produce high-quality work, but also manage themselves effectively.

Are passionate about growth.

Great developers are always learning. Whether it’s staying on top of changes in technology or understanding an emerging design pattern, our candidates lean into any challenges you throw at them.

Developer Profiles:

Matt Morris

Front End/.NET Developer, RealPage

Matt’s focus as a developer is creating performance-based, responsive applications with AngularJS. His ability to adapt to new programming languages landed him a position after 4 weeks on the job search as a .NET software engineer for a real estate SAAS.

Jason Walkow

Front End Developer, LAKANA

Jason is a hybrid designer/developer with skills and experience in both visual design as well as front end web development. Jason has knowledge of design principles and best practices as well as core competency with HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with other technologies.

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