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Thinkful candidates do more than just theory based coursework. Each candidate has built an impressive portfolio from the ground up and have proved their ability to commit and complete complex projects well, and fast,

Work efficiently.

We assess the candidates’ time management and project management skills, looking for those who can not only produce high-quality work, but also manage themselves effectively.

Are passionate about growth.

Great developers are always learning. Whether it’s staying on top of changes in technology or understanding an emerging design pattern, our candidates lean into any challenges you throw at them.

Candidate Profiles:

Robby Kim

Engineer, NewFoundry

After studying architecture in college, Robby ended up working as a barista and tech support rep. Once he decided to make a career pivot into coding, he chose to enroll in Thinkful's Engineering Immersion program so he could dive head first into the world of code.

"Being a dev is a great career, but you need a certain level of grit to push yourself to learn and thrive outside your comfort zone. Thinkful will do a great job to prepare you for the working world. Thinkful teaches you how to learn on your own once you leave the comforts of the program," says Robby. Read the rest of his story on the blog.

Alina Verbenchuck

Product Specialist, YouTube

Alina graduated with a Master's in International Management and started her career as an Associate Account Strategist for Google. She wanted to gain technical skills to advance in her career so she enrolled in Thinkful's Full Stack Flex program.

After completing the program, she's transitioned roles at Google and works across more technical projects. She's even begun teaching SQL. Today, Alina works as a Product Specialist at YouTube. Read our interview with her on the blog.

Jason Powell

Business Intelligence Analysis, Outbrain

Before Thinkful, Jason worked for a financial company selling business loans. The Data Science program helped him achieve his goal of becoming a Business Intelligence Analyst. When asked how Thinkful impacted his life, he said:

"I went from having a future in business/sales to a future in analytics and data science. The program is very challenging, but if you’re determined and don’t mind a bit of hard work, Thinkful’s Data Science program and mentors will put you on the path to achieving your goals no matter what your background is." Read the rest of his interview on the blog.

Maren Beckman

Data Scientist, Lytx

Maren was seeking a new and exciting career after becoming a parent. She started to take some classes in web development, but didn't love the idea of having a career as a developer. She did, however, enjoy aspects of development which led her to the world of data science.

After completing Thinkful’s Data Science program, Maren is now starting her new career as a Data Scientist in San Diego. She’s excited about her newfound career and the growth opportunities. Read the rest of her story on the blog.

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