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Alex Thomas

Alex is a self-taught software engineer with a focus on Ruby on Rails, applying the language to a variety of fields since 2011. After graduating with a degree in biochemistry, he decided to try out bioinformatics in graduate school. There he came to the realization that coding is one of his all-time favorite things to do; he loved it so much that he put science on the back burner to join a tech startup in San Francisco, utilizing an emerging open source technology called WebRTC. Using this technology combined with Rails, he also developed his own application that enables multiplayer gamers to join voice chat rooms via web browser without any plugins or downloads. Alex has a strong passion for science and technology, design, startups, philanthropy, lifelong learning, and giving awesome people the tools they need to build their dream projects.

Mentors in: Frontend Web Development, Web Development in Rails, Flexible Web Development Bootcamp, Backend in Node.js, Full Time Web Development Bootcamp

Alex Thomas
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