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Athanasios Paraskevas

I started my involvement with Data Science, by completing my MsC in Data Science from the University of Dublin in 2011. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer for almost 10 years. During my Master in Data Science, I participated in data mining competitions, where I gained a "Master" world status, by finishing in the top 10% in many contests (including a top ten in one contest). From 2015, I work in the field of Data Science for the largest Telecommunication company in Greece. I consider myself an expert in predictive modeling with Tree-Based algorithms, either through Single-machine (R, Python) or Big Data (Spark MlLib) solutions.

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Athanasios Paraskevas
  • Joined us in 2018
  • Works as Data Scientist at Cosmote Telecommunications, Greece
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  • Slack: @aparaskevas
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