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Debjit Ghosh

I'm passionate about the field of Artificial Intelligence. Robotics and machine learning are two fields I enjoy working in. I have worked with autonomous UAVs, collaborative filtering based recommendation engines, mortality prediction and phenotype discovery of patients in the ICU using time series, multivariate, non-uniformly sampled data. I am the lead data scientist at Frequency Networks where I have designed and built a real-time recommendation engine. Previously, I was involved in research and development at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in data science and simulation of neonatal echocardiography. I also love playing the guitar and I'm currently a guitarist for a progressive metal band in LA, The Conduit.

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Debjit Ghosh
  • Joined us in 2017
  • Works as Lead Data Scientist at Frequency Networks
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  • Slack: @dghosh
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