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Erica Pugh

Erica began her professional career as a web designer and developer in 2011 at InMotion Hosting, ten months before obtaining her bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from ECPI University. She enjoys the challenge and creativity involved with designing and building websites, as well as collaborating with a team to complete projects and sharing her knowledge with newer web developers. Throughout her career, Erica has purposely sought out roles where she can use her eye for design and her coding skills equally as she strives to be a well-rounded web developer. Erica is currently a UI/UX Web Developer for a large healthcare organization headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. When she isn't tinkering in Photoshop or writing code, she enjoys the outdoors and dancing with her hula hoops for fun and fitness.

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Erica Pugh
  • Joined us in 2015
  • Works as UI/UX Web Developer
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  • Slack: @epugh08
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