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Lee Brantley

Lee is a self taught .net developer. When he was 8 years old he made a deal with his dad that in exchange for a Commodore 128 he would put just as much time into studying and programming in GW-Basic on it as he did playing games. After 5 years in the US Army and 15 years in Logistics Management he came to his senses and made the jump to development. He is currently a Senior Developer working mostly in .Net but he has experience with HTML5, JavaScript, ActionScript, jQuery, Visual Basic, C#, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL and also frontend design tools. When he doesn't have his geek hat on, he's buried deep in football or basketball.

Mentors in: Frontend Web Development, Full Stack Flex

Lee Brantley
  • Joined us in 2013
  • Slack: @lee
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