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Marco Lüthy

For more than a decade, Marco has architected, developed, deployed, then maintained websites and applications for small, medium, and large companies. Cached away in his head are volumes of experience and lessons learnt from both the technical and customer service side of the industry. Marco has worked in many industries including fashion, apparel, retail, gaming, real estate, financial services, and media. He is passionate about learning new technologies, using the latest in production the instance that it’s responsible. Currently, he primarily works in Javascript. Anywhere. Everywhere. So much Javascript. Yikes! When not doing web development, Marco is fiddling in Unity, aiming to get a foothold in the upcoming VR/gaming industry.

Mentors in: Modern Web Design, Flexible Web Development Bootcamp, Backend in Node.js

Marco Lüthy
  • Joined us in 2015
  • Github:
  • Slack: @marco
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