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Nicholas Dickey

Nick has been active in the software development industry since 1988, the year he immigrated to US from the old Soviet Union. In those early years, he coded in assembly language and C/C++ for companies like Wang Labs and Digital Equipment. More recently, Nick's focus has been SQL, Java, PHP and C# on the server side and JavaScript with jQuery and ExtJS on the web side. As a senior development manager for Markit Group, LTD he developed from ground up Markit Counterparty Manager, an award winning and leading industry platform for counterparty and compliance documentation for the financial services industry. These days Nicholas is working on a new start-up to provide software development candidate screening and qualifying services: Nick is a sailor and a skier, both Nordic and Alpine - he skied the 2013 American Birkibiener Marathon. He also enjoys cooking and baking in his spare time.

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Nicholas Dickey
  • Joined us in 2013
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