Mentorship works

It's proven: 1-on-1 is the best way to learn.

Graph of 'The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring'

Distribution of student scores, by teacher-student ratio

When you have the full attention of your teacher you remember more, your motivation increases, and your achievement soars. The research shows that 1-on-1 education is the most effective way to learn for most students, so that’s what we built. We've been at it for years.

Mentorship means
  • Your questions are welcome and answered first.
  • The course always moves at your speed.
  • The curriculum is tailored to your exact job goals.
Graph of 'The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring'

Benjamin Bloom's seminal 1984 research shows students achieve more, and more consistently, with a 1:1 student-teacher ratio than with any other teaching method. Read the paper.

You'll learn faster with mentorship

Becoming a developer on your own is tough. Staying committed, knowing what to learn, and going deep on concepts should be hard but it shouldn’t defeat you. With 1-on-1 mentorship you'll be supported and challenged while staying focused on the right subjects to get you hired.

Our friends at Viking School and Free Code Camp articulated this journey beautifully

graph of the coding journey
Say Hello
Thinkful mentors aren’t just normal developers.

James Duncan, Thinkful mentor since 2013

One of the best things about being a Thinkful mentor for me is passing along tips and tricks I've picked up from my over 15 years of on the job experience to my Thinkful students. This allows them to break through learning barriers and gain new insights into ways to approach everyday coding challenges. It's a real pleasure to see them truly develop over a relatively short period of time.

James Duncan, Thinkful mentor since 2013

Jacquie Howard, Thinkful mentor since 2015

It shocks me that there are still as few female software engineers as there were when I started out many moons ago! It is great to know that Thinkful are proactive in attracting female students and that, as a mentor, I can play an active part in making them realize that programming really is fun and creative! It’s also good to know I am helping them on their way to a new career in technology.

Jacquie Howard, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Brett DeWoody, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Mentors (and mentoring) are a key component of every developers education. In my personal development mentors have played a critical role, advancing and adding skills at every step of my career. As a Thinkful mentor I’m able to pay it forward, passing along my knowledge and experience to those just getting started.

Brett DeWoody, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Jacob Roufa, Thinkful mentor since 2015

As a mentor, I love that I am challenged to improve my communication and understanding of what I teach. This in turn helps make me a better software engineer. I think the most valuable lesson I've learned is that we all have something to teach and we all have something to learn. So teach things you're passionate about and learn from people who are just as involved in what they do.

Jacob Roufa, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Aleksandar Grbic, Thinkful mentor since 2016

Working at Thinkful allowed me to shape up my skills and take a step back and think about my daily activities as a programmer from completely different perspective. It's not that you only teach others but you also learn a lot. As one quote says 'When one teaches, two learn.'

Aleksandar Grbic, Thinkful mentor since 2016

Chris Brulak, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Being a Thinkful mentor means sharing my love and passion for technology with anyone who wants to learn it.

Chris Brulak, Thinkful mentor since 2015

Jason Humphrey, Thinkful mentor since 2015

I mentor because I enjoy working with students who want to learn & grow. The experiences i have help me become a better teacher, stronger mentor, more confident developer.

Jason Humphrey, Thinkful mentor since 2015

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Professional and loved

How we hire
Years of experience building the best network.

When we were founded, Darrell and Dan were the first mentors. Years later we’re now experts in knowing who to hire and how to provide an extraordinary experience for all students. Here’s how we do it.

We seek those with both engineering experience and a passion for teaching. Writing software is a craft, so most mentors are continually learning, too.
Mentors take their very own course on how to succeed at Thinkful. It’s the summary of our years of educating online, and it’s always improving.
We encourage mentors to share with each other, passing on years of best practices.
Most mentors first hear about Thinkful through the community, and we admit only the top few who apply.

Our mentors aren't just incredible engineers - they are a community of makers, hackers, and educators who above all else want to impart their love of the craft on the next generation of developers.

Ben Aronowicz, Mentor Manager

Ben Aronowicz

Mentor Manager

Working with mentors
A millennium of expertise on your team.

Your mentor
Your new best friend in development. You'll meet online 3x per week in 1-hour sessions.
Program Manager
There from Day 1, they'll make sure you're happy and staying on track to graduate.
Q&A Sessions
Additional time to ask mentors questions. Q&A Sessions cover a range of topics.
Our community of current students, graduates, and mentors can answer almost any question.
Career Coach
There to help you build a profesional network, schedule practice interviews, and find jobs.
Career Services Manager
You'll work closely for up to 6 months after graduation on job introductions and applications.
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Thinkful manifesto
A little about the things we don’t believe in.

Certificates. Why?

Neither certificates nor degrees will get you a job as a programmer. We’re not saying college isn’t important. If anything, a liberal arts degree helps programmers learn how to balance what can be done with what should be done. What we are saying is that if you want a job as a programmer you’re about a thousand times more likely to get one if you learn, practice, and build real software. And we believe you’ll be more prepared as languages and platforms continue changing.

Assessments. Why?

We’ve built all our bootcamps to get you hired. So, you can think of the practice interviews as similar to assessments, because you'll get feedback about what you know and what you need to work on. But a test in the traditional sense — grades, multiple choice, essays — that's just not how a job really works.

Admissions. Why?

At Thinkful we believe everyone has the capability to become a programmer. Admissions is what an outsider says is your future ability, and quite frankly, it’s often wrong. We’re committed to 100% open admissions. You’ll need to keep up, keep working, and make progress – you’re in control at all times.

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