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When I adopted my dog recently, we couldn't go to the local animal shelters right away - so I began looking online for the animals. During this, I found a lot of animals that I felt I could develop a connection with, but unfortunately lost them due to them being across multiple sites, and having no ability to save them. I developed Adopt List to aid in that. Adopt List is tool to aid potential pet-parents in finding their new furry friend. With Adopt List, you're able to add pets to lists, manage the listings, view pet details, and narrow down lists until you find the pet you want to adopt. Once you've chosen a pet, you can then contact the shelter linked to the animal, and bring your new friend home.

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Jesse Shaw

Very Cool project. Quick note. I tried to use the demo login but the "Get Started" button was not working for me. No response at all. I saw in the console that there was a 422 (Unprocessable Entity) error. I ended up using my own information and the button worked well

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