Houston House Party

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I have done some sites for Realtors and I wanted to incorporate MLS data into a website. SimplyRets provided an api to access live MLS data for real estate listings. They provide sample data to experiment with from the Houston area. My idea was to show open houses in the area (this would be implemented with Geo data in a live site). In this site I retrieve a set of open house locations from the SimplyRETS api, then I use the google maps javascript library to locate them on a Google Maps map. All distances are calulated with the Google Distance Matrix api from a fixed point near the Houston airport. This data also used to generate listings with information about the Open House. This includes a button to get directions which passes the listing coordinates to Google Directions. and opens a Directoins page in a new tab. NOTE: The sample data that SimplyRETS makes available for testing is only accurate as far as location. The photos, and all other listing information does not make much sense, howver it is adequate for this demonstration. There are times listed for open houses in the middle of the night. Suspend disbelief please.

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